Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bumblebee Transect

Hi everyone,
I'm arranging a walk to introduce new volunteers to the bumblebee transect at the top of Hardcastle Crags (near Blake Dean) and wondered if anyone was interested in coming along? At the moment we are planning to meet at 3.30pm at Widdop Gate parking spot on Sat 14th April. It'll be a walk along the transect route and a bit of information about bumblebee identification. If there are any changes to the planned time or date I'll post an update.


Winston said...

Spent a sunny but v chilly afternoon in the hail with Christine and three other volunteers yesterday. We walked the route of the transect learn't how to record any bumblebee sightings and how to id them. Looking forward to searching them out later in the summer. Not surprisingly we saw no bees on this occassion. Win

AndyC said...

Saw what i think was a Bombus agrorum this week on nearby moors is this likley.??

muffin said...

Andy, could well have been a Common Carder (seems to be called Bombus pascuorum often in literature now). I saw one the other week and they use a lot of different habitats. Despite the shocking weather, am planning another Bumblebee transect walk on Saturday (hopefully dry!), at 11am. Meeting at Widdop Gate, others welcome!