Wednesday, 6 June 2012

National Moth Night

23 rd June is National Moth Night, cromwell Bottom at 9.30..all welcome bring torch ,net and lets hope its good moth weather for a change.These organised nights allways seem to be a damp squid....If any one has a spare trap brig it along... I am planning to be there till dawn and will leave traps running all night....


Winston said...

up in Yarm I'm afraid. Win

charlie streets said...

I wouldn’t mind coming if some kindly soul could offer a lift – and so long as the weather’s half decent.

Bought a copy of the new micro book last week. First impressions were a little disappointing so far as the coverage of some families were concerned, especially the Nepticulidae. Although many species aren’t do-able to species level they are a quite visually diverse group and it would have been nice to see some illustrations. Maybe time and space were issues.

Once I’d gotten over that however I think the rest of the book is excellent. The plates are superb which, contrary to some popular beliefs, does allow many of the species to be ID-ed correctly especially if erring on the side of caution. The distribution maps are revolutionary. Obviously they are far from complete but given the amount of records that they are made up from they make for interesting viewing. The larvae and feeding signs photos are top class and the introduction to each family is packed full of information. I could go on.

Many of the species have either changed names or changed families altogether which is understandable as new discoveries are constantly being made regarding the relationship between species. This is another reason (in my humble opinion) why English names should be brought in (or brought back) so at least we could still use the same name.

Overall a top-notch book at a very reasonable price – so much better than staring at a computer screen for information!

AndyC said...

No problem with the lift Charlie,will speak nearer the time.
20 species in the trap last night and my first Silver Y of the year..also found five 991.Clepsis senecionana near scammonden on Thurs,(thanks to new micro book for that one)

Bruce said...

I look forward to seeing you again Charlie

charlie streets said...

You too Bruce.

I just wondered if midges or mossies are a likely problem at dusk/night?