Friday, 14 September 2012

Hardcastle Craggs

Meeting tonight at 8ish all welcome......
Great to see Marion and Cheryl and the weather was not bad for us.
Common marbled Carpetr  17
Dark Marbled Carpet            2
Dark arches                           2
Copper underwing agg          2
Spruce carpet                         2
Large YU                              7
Common Carpet                    1
Autumnal   Rustic                 3
Dunbar                                   3
Pine Carpet                             3
Devon carpet                           1
Straw Dot                                1
Lesser YU..                              3
BBYunderwing                       1
Eudonia   mer                         15
The Highlights were 3 Pine Carpets and a freshly emerged Devon Carpet.also not seen Dunbar this late before,next time we should be getting some November aggs to sort through.
Bri and andy

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