Friday, 14 June 2013

P. conwagana

What a lovely way to start the morning by finding this, 1011 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana at my back door. Despite being a common species I have never come across it and its food plant (Ash) overhangs the area where it was discovered hovering above a neighbours head. It has such fantastic colours, like a canary yellow bank note threaded through with a metallic silver strip.

I think this spring is the most fun I have ever had finding moths and all without using the light trap.


AndyC said...

Beautiful little things indeed..It always nice to find things naturally,found a copper underwing larvae yesterday at thorne,my first ever,,

Winston said...

Good find Andy

charlie streets said...

I found one in my kitchen once and as they are one of the smaller torts it's beautiful markings weren't visible to the naked eye, well, not to mine anyway.
Nice photo!

Winston said...

true Charlie, wasn't sure what it was but blown away by the silver and yellow markings. a real looker only revealed in the pic.