Thursday, 20 March 2014

663 Diurnea fagella

A cold n/w wind was blowing with sleet and rain making it feel very wintery as I walked down into the wood tonight again expecting little I was pleased to find 51 Diurnea flagella .They were mostly on beech upto about 4 foot , but 3 were on Oak and 1 on Sycamore. At least 10 were the melanic types and the only female I could find was a melanic type in cop with a normal type male. The only other species I could find was an adult Small Quaker resting on Beech out of the wind.
I only had chance to do about 1 third of the wood tonight...............................
On the 21st  57 Diurnea Fagella were found with 2 common and 1 Small Quakers and on the 22nd a beautiful Brindled Pug and 14 Diurnea flagella hiding low down out of the wind and driving sleet.

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