Sunday, 30 March 2014

March Round up ...Diurnea fagella

Again into the local woods for the month of march and after all the Dotted Borders at the beginning of the month,late March was the turn of Diurnea flagella to take the stage. The peak was on the 29th march with 185 seen with 35 pairs in cop located, I only found one female that was not melanic and about 50 melanics.Other species seen were ------

461 Ypsolopha ustella 1
663 Diurnea flagella 481
688 Agonopterix heracliana 12
1663 x March Moth 4
1852x Brindled Pug 2
1926x Pale Brindled Beauty 1
1932x Spring Usher 3
1934 Dotted Border  91
1934 Dotted Border (melanic ab. fuscata) 4
2182x Small Quaker 3
2187x Common Quaker 3
2256x Satellite 1
2258 x Chestnut 4


AndyC said...

thanks for posting pics Winston..

charlie streets said...

Lovely pictures Andy. Not many people get to see the largely flightless females let alone a pair in cop.

AndyC said...

I found a female on a large stone gate post in the middle of a field during the day yesterday.??