Thursday, 17 July 2014

KEEP AN EYE OUT for................

In the last few days a few Scarce Tortoiseshell Butterfly have turned up on the east coast of England. There has been a massive invasion of this species into the Netherlands which had no previous records. So it would be worth checking any "Small Tortoiseshells" as they might be something a great deal less common
  IN Northowram today on my local walk ,----
Small Tortoiseshell      134(checked all of them)
Meadow Brown             87
Ringlet                           35
Gatekeeper                      2
Purple Hairstreak            2
Comma                           1
Large White                   1
Small White                   2
large Skipper                  1
Small Skipper                2
Speckled Wood             1

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AndyC said...

The Scarce Tortoiseshell is also called the Yellow legged Tortoiseshell,,which is a good id feature