Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Manchester Moth

No, I haven't found one! But you may find this story interesting.

Abraham Stansfield, lived in Todmorden and then moved to Kersal Moor at Salford in 1858. He was a poet/naturalist. I was researching him when I found this fascinating reference to a now extinct moth. The Manchester Moth, Euclemsia woodiella.

Why was this moth confined to Kersal Moor and why has the Australian museum got a specimen?

The moral is--do not leave moth specimens with landladies!

Read the fascinating tale here


ChrisJB said...

Fascinating stuff.


AndyC said...

Have you any information of the time Abraham Stansfield, lived in any old moth records..??

Philip said...

Sorry for late reply. It is complicated by father and son having the same name. Abraham Stansfield Snr was a botanist, specialising in ferns and he opened a specialist fern nursery in Todmorden (on what is now Garden Street area). His friend John Nowell specialised in bryophytes and became an authority; he was invited to join Kew but declined. Between them they compiled enough botanical records (also birds)to appear in 'Flora of Todmorden' published in 1911 by Abraham Stansfield jnr (his dad had died in 1880 so the book was a long time in gestation). He (the son)was also a botanist and poet and wrote accounts of the death of trees in Manchester due to air pollution from coal fires. But, sorry Andy, I am not aware of any moth records.