Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Lee Mount

From last night's trap 19th October
Light Brown Apple Moth x 4
Red-green Carpet x 1
Beautiful Plume x 1
Common Marbled Carpet x 4 ?
November Moth agg x 4
Lesser Yellow Underwing x 1
Micro possibly Ypsolopha sequella (but it's not as clean as tne other ones recently so mabe not)?
Plus another unidentified macro as yet ! x 1
Any corrections welcome !!!

 Beautiful Plume
4 below are these all Common Marbled Carpet ?

 Lesser Yellow Underwing
 Not sure of this one ?
 November Moth agg
Ypsolopha sequella ?


brian leecy said...

Carpet looks good for Spruce Carpet,not sure of Micro.

brian leecy said...

3rd down poss Dark Marbled,but need to check the underside of hind wing and the angle of the lines,think there's some pics on this blog from a few years back I think, both species can be so variable ,The usual C Marbles locally are the Red ish Banded Form and the very Dark Form p's it shows the underside in Skinners Book.pps 3rd from bottom is Spruce Carpet I'd say.

Dave Sutcliffe said...

Thanks for that Bri. Will be going for undersides now.! That's all really helpfull.

AndyC said...

Looks good for DMC , the micro is puzzling , its not sequella............