Friday, 17 June 2016

Cragg Vale - Withens Clough - 17th June

We had a walk around the clough and then the  reservoir today and turned up a new one for us....well we think it can only be Mother Shipton found by Jen in the grass along the embankment on the far side of the reservoir. It was tricky getting a decent shot in focus in the grass but got a record shot before it flew off and we lost it. A gem.
 Mother Shipton
Silver Y
Silver Y on clover x 1
Silver-ground Carpet x 1
we gave up on the micros !!!


AndyC said...

Great find the Mother Shipton , the whole area over to Langfield and Stoodley is a very good area for this species...Keep an eye out for beautiful Yellow Underwing feeding on flowering thistle and bell heather in the next few weeks....

ChrisJB said...

I've always wanted to catch up with a Mother Shipton. Nice one Dave and thanks Andy for the additional info'.

AndyC said...

I have seen thenm on The embankment of Whiteholme redervoir..