Friday, 10 June 2016

Following on from Colin's post........

No luck with the Bilberry Pug a couple of nights ago but with not having a trap myself there's always chance for something "good".
Here's a couple of personal lifers we found including this rather smart Flame Shoulder.

And this White-pinion Spotted (not to be confused with the White-spotted Pinion!)

It's certainly been one of the best springs ever for me - you gotta take the luck when you can get it with moths

I'm planning a return, daytime trip to the site, maybe Sunday, to collect more larvae and see what's on the wing if anyone's interested.


AndyC said...

Maybe , see what the weather is like,,,,,,

Colin D said...

Hi Charlie a nicely presented post and some excellent finds and some very excellent potential sites that are peaceful and quiet The white shouldered pinion was a first which just goes to show and is a testment on hawthorn and blackthorn on wooded margins. Good to see Andy bound amongst the prolific Bilberry :-) A good night

charlie streets said...

Hi Colin, you were right about that scop I took home when you suggested ambigualis. The other one was a rather plain, male Bee Moth.
Will take a raincheck on searching for more Bilberry larva as the second and final moth emerged this morning - a Red-barred Tortrix! It's just not worth all the time and effort sometimes.