Friday, 10 June 2016

Lee Mount - 8th June

Pretty hectic....
Pretty sure about identification of most moths overnight but this first photo is one I'm struggling with.

Other photos - hope as usual that i d is correct !

 Anania coronata
 Ruby Tiger
 Ruby Tiger (red abdomen with a black line straight down the middle)
 Small Fan-foot
Full list
unidentified as above x 1
Small Phoenix x 1
Clouded Silver x 1
Brimstone x 1
Common Swift x 1
Diamond-back Moth x 2
Silver-ground Carpet x 1
Foxglove Pug x 1
Common Pug x 1
Small Fan-foot x 1
Brown Housemoth x 2
Anania coronate x 1
Snout x 1
Common Marbled Carpet x 1
Ruby Tiger x 1
Spectacle x 1
Eudonia type x 1 
Bee Moth x 5
Light-brown Apple Moth x 2
Twenty-plume moth x 3
2 Large Red Damselfly in cop earlier on in the day

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