Sunday, 12 June 2016

Todays Dayflyers Cromwell

A few things on the reserve today

72.002 BF2474 Straw Dot Rivula sericealis


White-barred Gold (Micropterix aruncella)


48.001 BF385 
Anthophila fabriciana


70.202 BF1881 Early Tooth-striped Trichopteryx carpinata

Caterpillar Early Tooth Stripe    Click on image strip To enhance

Found at Moth Point Lagoon 1



charlie streets said...

Hi Colin,
What's the burnet population there like at the moment?

Colin D said...

Hello Charlie an interesting question - I did some visual and trap survey last year at CB and it shows numbers are quite substantially down even allowing for year on year on trends and weather I am certain that the timing and meadow cutting regime has played some role and any advice to leave small vegetative islands or perimeter swathes seemed to have fell on deaf ears At the back of Bulmer and Lumb Low Moor there was and is I think is a huge colony which are holding on - this marshy site was built on but still holds some grasss and marshy vegetation.( nr "Fenwick Drive" ) Interestingly all of the larval cocoons there where found on the metal palisade fencing nest to air air extractors on fridge units I wonder if they have found a niche and a way forward . I may post some images as I had a good look at Railway Terrace and this site the d#same time as CB to make comparison on numbers. Simple management measures like leaving sections , altering cut length and making small vegetation islands around the uneven ground etc can make a big difference to larvae or any entomology surviving year on year . Its not all an#bout the Country Park !!!! I noticed a few cocoons the other day at CB

charlie streets said...

There used to be hundreds on a good day at Tag Loop not that long ago. As they overwinter as larvae it makes me wonder which other species with similar life cycles will have been affected by the grass cutting.
I'll have a wander on this week when the weather picks up a bit.

AndyC said...

On the 28th June 2010 , I estimated that on a good day the colony was at least 3000 on the whole of Tag.A fantastic sight.........Also used to be a great spot for Latticed Heath.........

AndyC said...

Another species to look out for is the Blackneck , I found 3 on tag one evening whilst filming the Burnets with S.Cummings. the food plant is tufted vetch.....

Colin D said...

I did go out the way to look for lattice last summer and did a number of walk surveys through on expected timing but did not find one The last two individual records I have on July 5, 2013 and the year before someone found a less colourful but melanic specimen