Friday, 17 June 2016

Yesterdays Leps

0148 Yellow-barred Long-horn Moth  Nemophora degeerella ABH 70001

Currently swarming on Oaks I counted about 200 on about 5-6 stands yesterday


1549 Large White Butterfly Pieris brassicae ABH 

A Male I believe


Silver Ground Carpets where also seen throughout


Large Skippers also dosile in grasslands in cool spell

Epiblema scutulana Field Record ( No Image )

Grass Veneer

Other  records positively identified - 7 species Soldier Beetle , 8 species of Sawfly  4 weevils  1 Froghopper , 4  Cranefly  2 Myxomycetes

 Sadly for the Birdie People  no Partidge in a Pear Tree although this may yet appear on the Boards

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AndyC said...

The longhorns are fantastic at this time of year, the display is outstanding to watch...