Thursday, 25 August 2016

Copper Underwing agg

A few recent photo's of the above and wonder from some of these is it possible to separate the two -  Copper or Svennson's ? - or does it need more detail of other parts of the moth to be conclusive ?
In the meantime I am just recording them as agg

 3 above different moths look to have darkish palps and pale tips !
maybe Svensson's ?

 2 above are the same moth - pale palps - maybe Copper ?

2 above look to have different underwing !
Comments welcome - oh, just remembered the link on the front page of the blog.


AndyC said...

It a tricky species , I have found many Svensons larvae in the local woods but never Copper.?? We get both species locally as Paul T had a few gen det many years ago. I think you have to have very fresh specimens showing all features to be sure. If not its copper underwing agg.

David Sutcliffe said...

That's what I thought... better safe than calling the wrong ones.

AndyC said...

It does look like you have both species there ....