Saturday, 3 September 2016

Lee Mount - 2nd September

Put the trap out by 8:30 but not too hopeful for much as it was cool with a light breeze strengthening. Went out with a cuppa around 9:15 and a large dark moth came in. Thought at first it was a Hawk-moth by it's size but it didn't just look right for that as it strafed the windows. Couldn't believe the luck as it went straight in the trap and settled. Old Lady, a first for us here, still identifiable despite the very worn out appearance.

Old Lady
Copper Underwing agg x 3 (think these are the same ones coming back each evening)
Dunbar x 1
Small Phoenix x 1
Large Yellow Underwing x 9
Square-spot Rustic x 1
Lesser Yellow Underwing x 1
Unidentified Carpet type below - very similar to one on the 30th August keeps coming back but will it open it's wings - NO !

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AndyC said...

Another good one Dave.......