Sunday, 9 October 2016

Stainland 6th to 9th Oct. 2016

A first for me; a Red-green Carpet - Chloroclysta siterata. I was hoping to see one and here it is, along with two moths I can't ID.
This morning was a good experience, the Red-green Carpet, a lacewing, a cranefly, a tiny snail and a Harvestman Dicranopalpus ramosus, like the one David saw.

Red-green Carpet - Chloroclysta siterata

Now the first of two I can't ID, they are both quite worn.

I wondered if it was a Common Marbled Carpet but the few markings I see are not quite right. It's the right size/shape for a carpet. There seems to be hints of green brown / red on the costa bottom left side.


The next shot is poor quality. Our cat woke me at 3:30 am wanting to go out. I saw the moth below on the door. Like a trooper I got a camera, I wasn't fully awake. To get a good photo I'd have had to bring ladders from the cellar, so I held the camera up in the air and hoped. I know it's a hard one to ID, sorry.



AndyC said...

Common marbled carpet and November moth agg..

Gordon Jackson said...

Thanks Andy, I should learn to trust myself more (CMC). I wondered about the Nov. moth but couldn't be sure, due to it being worn and my inexperience.