Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Buff Tip. (post from C.Streets)

Last September whilst working on re-instating a footbridge at Hardcastle Crags that got washed away in the Boxing day floods I found several Buff-tip larvae in the leaf litter. I took one home to rear through and it emerged a couple of weeks ago. The photos don't really do it justice as they are so beautifully camouflaged and hardly recognisable as moths.

At 29mm long I reckon it's a female.


Colin D said...

Nice Work Charlie

David Sutcliffe said...

That's fantastic Charlie. I have only seen one adult - they are amazing moths.

charlie streets said...

The best thing about rearing them is that they usually emerge in perfect condition. I did send Andy two different pics of the adult but he's posted the same one twice........Andy if you're reading this.

On Monday whilst on a Halifax Scientific Society walk to Cold Edge and Fly Flatts I found another bagworm - another Lichen Case Bearer on the side of the main road at Mount Tabor. Seems they are widely distributed in Calderdale, you just need a fair bit of luck!
Strange how we can't find the more common species.