Friday, 26 May 2017

Swales Moor 25th May

It's a struggle keeping up with 'blogging' when the weather has been so good. Who want's to be on the computer inside when it's fine. (or even when it's wet for that matter)!!

Wall Brown - Ringby Lane seems to be  a spot for them, though they are still scarce even there and take some finding. Yesterday turned up trumps with three found including a pair 'in cop' and also a single Silver Y Moth on the top.

Wall Brown
We also checked the area around the top of Claremount and Pepper Hill today (26th) but without success though we have seen them in that area in recent years. Think the fresh >SE wind was  a factor today as even though the weather was 'scorching' we did not see many butterflies as they were probably keeping low down in the, as yet, unmown meadows.

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Colin D said...

Hi David Nice record they say the secret to the habitat is well trodden tracks bordering Yorkshire Stone on Field Boundaries with the relevant grass food plants so looks about