Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Cold Edge and Ovenden Moor

Countrywide Butterfly Survey this afternoon plus extended areas at both end of the designated survey
area. Warming at 18c with very little wind but unfortunately it was pretty overcast for most of the time. Totals for the whole afternoon of around 3 hrs....
87 Ringlet
10 Meadow Brown
1 Gatekeeper
7 Green-veined/Small Whites mostly at a distance
2 Red Admiral
2 Fly-by's unidentified
3 Common Carpet moths - oops ! misidentified after checking photo's I took - all Siver-ground Carpets
2 Siler Y's

Not a sign of a Small Tortoiseshell...!

1 comment:

AndyC said...

I had 11 Small torts here yesterday , been few and far between so far this year. Also gatekeepe rand 3 Comma...........