Saturday, 22 July 2017

Hardcastle Craggs, the warden's cottage - last night.

A hectic night to say the least!

Thanks to Natalie for hosting the night in a fantastic spot with a good range of habitat and flora. It was worth going just to see the assortment of moths nectaring on the small clumps of Ragwort including a beautiful White Plume Moth found by Colin and a few pugs that Brian saw including an Ochreous and Wormwood (?). There were so many species on the wing even before the traps got going including several Buff Footmen and Swallow-tailed Moth.

The traps were very busy in to the early hours despite the persistent rain for the last hour or so. There was always help on hand to ID  all the moths and plenty of suggestions as to what all the other beetles, ichneumons, flies and bugs were.

I took a few micros back to ID and photograph:

Opostega salaciella, my pick of the night. You can just make out the base of the antennae which has a modified segment that forms an eye-cap.

Apotomis turbidana - one of the "bird dropping" micros.

And in the actinic trap was this bedraggled Water Venner. Ironically of all the moths I looked at this one succumbed to the wet conditions the most. The larvae of this moth feed underwater on pondweeds as deep as two meters and the adult females are also aquatic.

From the traps...................Please add in comments all moths both micro and macro that I have missed.

Large Yellow Underwing    x 150 +
Lesser YU                            x    3
BBYU                                  x    2
Dark Aches                         x    35 +
Scarce Silver Y                   x       1
Silver  Y                             x        1
Slender Brindle                 x        40 +
Buff    Footman                 x       50 +
Common Carpet                x       30 +
Green Carpet                     x         2
Small Fan footed  Wave    x        8
Swallow tailed moth          x       1
Spectacle                             x       1
Flame Shoulder                  x       5
Suspected                            x      2
Wormwood Pug                 x      2
Currant Pug                       x       1
Foxglove Pug                    x       1
Common Lustering          x       2
Northern Spinach              x      1
Iron Prominent                  x       1
Lesser Swallow Prominent x     2
Silver ground Carpet           x     4
Buff  Arches                        x     1
Elephant Hawkmoth           x     1
Mother of Pearl                    x 10
Bee Moth                            x     3
Purple Clay                        x      4
Dotted Clay                      x       2
Angle Striped Sallow      x         1
July Highflyer                  x       3
Phoneix                            x       1
Rivulet                            x        1
Yellow Shell                     x       3
Mottled  Beauty                x     2
Willow   Beauty                 x    2
Riband Wave                     x    1
Shuttle Shaped Dart          x    1
Flame                                 x    1
Purple  Bar                          x   1
Dun -bar                             x    2 
Brimstone                          x     8
Peppered Moth                  x      4
Common White Wave     x       2
White Plume                   x       1
Smoky Wainscot            x        4
Light Arches x                x       1 
Carcina quercana             x      1
Small Angle Shades         x       1
Antler                               x     11
Early Thorn                     x     1   
Green Arches                    x    2
Common Footman            x 1 
Bryotropha domestica          x 1


David Sutcliffe said...

Brilliant - and what a list !

Colin D said...

Small Angle Shades , Antler Moth (Ragwort)

charlie streets said...

Here's the micros I saw plus a couple of macros:
Map-winged Swift
Green Arches
Opostega salaciella
Bird Cherry Ermine x 5
Brown House Moth
Carcina quercana x 2
Brytropha senectella
Brytropha domestica
Blastobasis adustella
Blastobasis lacticolella
Apotomis turbidana
Bramble Shoot Moth
Eucosma cana
Udea lutealis
Eudonia mercurella x 20
Eudonia lacustrata x 5
Agriphila straminella x 50
Agriphila tristella
Water Veneer