Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Stainland, 25 July.

Detailed look at a Swallow-tailed moth.

It arrived at 3:15 am, I was in the garden when it flew past my head, settling on the door. During the day, it moved from the fanlight over the door to the letterbox. By nightfall it had turned so I could see it's face. It was time for close-ups. Anne stopped the postman disturbing it and took the mail at the gate. Bless her.

A dramatic shot, reminding me of a bat.

I hope someone finds them interesting.


David Sutcliffe said...

Always find your posts interesting Gordon. Love the front end shots of the Swallowtail.

Gordon Jackson said...

Thank you David, it's very nice of you to say such kind things. The Swallow-tailed was being so co-operative, it was as if it was posing.

My wife Anne, was brought up to be frightened of moths. It took me some 30 years to get her to even look at one in a glass jar. Now, she unlocks the door in the morning(I don't sleep well for the pain, so I stay in bed late, if I can) and has a look round for moths. She tells me if there are any. It was a big step for her that she walked up to the Swallow-tail to look at it on the door. She fell in love with it and became protective towards it.