Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Stainland 30 August 2017

1 x Marbled Beauty (Orange/brown form).
1 x Acleris notana TBC.
1 x Lesser Yellow Underwing.

This Marbled Beauty, is the first one I've seen this year in what I call it's orange form, hence showing it. It is noticeably bigger than many of the other Marbled Beauties I've seen this season. It was in a tricky spot, so the camera angle was not ideal.

Marbled Beauty.

The next one is worn and has me stumped. I thought it may be Acleris shepherdana, going by the dark scale tufts and reddish patch on the thorax. As it lives in fens and marshes and is not found round here, I ruled it out. It could be Acleris notana, or Acleris ferrugana. OR, I could be wrong on all accounts. It's slimmer and shorter than the Garden Rose Tort. Any ideas please?  

Needs correct ID.

I decided the last moth is a Lesser Yellow Underwing. I seem to have trouble with moths in this colouring and worn or indistinct markings It's certainly a noctuid.

Lesser Yellow Underwing.

The Large Yellow Underwing is still in the same place as it was yesterday.


AndyC said...

Looks like Square spot rustic..and the Acleris not too sure

Gordon Jackson said...

Hmm... Thanks Andy. Square Spot Rustic was what I told Anne it was at first. The problem is, the more I looked at the books and Web, the more confused I was. I should learn to trust myself more. I'm sure I've said that before. The Acleris is at least that, I'll settle for Acleris sp. Thank you.