Friday, 29 September 2017

Ogden - Back Lane - 28th September

Yesterday I checked a small pond on Back Lane where there was a Common Hawker patrolling. Lovely warm afternoon, perfect conditions but I don't have a lot of experience identifying dragonflies !.

There were also 2 other slightly smaller red bodied (dragonflies) which I think could be Common Darters (?). They were chasing about together keeping low over the vegetation but I wasn't able to get even a half-decent photo as they always landed in the vegetation just out of sight. Just could not get any more detail on them though they were much larger than Large Red Damselfly with a much thicker body. Must check that pond again if we get another decent day.

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AndyC said...

Tricky things , I struggle most of the time with dragonflies , but I did have a magnificent adult Emperor at Cromwell bottom on the new ponds on tag loop, earlier this moth .(which I totally forgot about till I saw this post , thanks)