Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Out and about !

Ogden - a good show of Painted Lady butterflies turning up all around the site and on Ovenden Moor. probably 25+ or so.
Also several Small Skippers x 4, Small Coppers x 5, Peacock x 4, Red admiral x 1 and several 'whites'. We had a look at a traditional Common Blue site behind the reservoir cottage, but nothing doing.
We also found a very dark looking moth on Ragwort but identification seems unlikely. Some photo's to check later but getting them in focus with the grass in the way was tricky Not a Haworth's Minor, Ear Moth or Antler, slightly bigger and very dark but will probably have to let it go.

Lee Mount
Peacock, Holly Blue, and 5+ Painted Lady still on the Buddleia

HSS meeting tonight at the Imperial Crown Hotel in halifax. Someone found a large moth, caught it in a glass - surprise - it was an Old Lady. Photos very difficult through the glass !

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