Sunday, 9 July 2017

Jerusalem Farm 8th/9th July

We took the kids Wildlife Group for a camp over at Jerusalem Farm. A great day catching butterflies on Saturday and then a moth trap running over night.

1526 Small Skipper
1549 Large White
1590 Red Admiral
1614 Speckled Wood
1626 Meadow Brown
1629 Ringlet (lots again)

1756 Northern Spinach

1758 Barred straw
1981 Poplar hawkmoth
2008 Coxcombe prominant

2061 Buff ermine

2107 Large yellow underwing

Also had a few we could not identify - even after a couple of hours of looking these are ones I am not sure on.

Wainscot but cannot get it down to individual species

Pretty sure it is a carpet - again not sure

No idea!!

No idea 2!!

Most of the group were really happy with the butterfly catching on the Saturday afternoon and a little quite when we started speaking about moths. However when they saw the poplar hawkmoth and some of the underwings fly off then they soon changed and we had a group pouring over the books to try to identify them. Hope we might have some junior moffers out there. 


AndyC said...

Smoky Wainscot
Green Carpet
Dark Arches
Dark Arches

David Sutcliffe said...

Great stuff Chris. Some nice moths there and butterflies too. Great encouragement for kids and adults.
I will have a stab at 4 Smoky Wainscot. 5 A very pale Green Carpet. 6 and 7 Dark Arches.
But I could be wrong !!

David Sutcliffe said...

Andy beat me to it...I just posted the comment and then seen Andy's - honest.

Chris said...

Thanks for the help identifying the last few moths.