Monday, 22 May 2017

20th May 2017 Stainland

I've not been doing much of late, as I'm still struggling to walk. It's a remarkably painful thing to do. Still at long last, I had some moths visit me.

First a twenty plume. The only reason I'm posting it is that it is so worn you can easily see the wing structure. I thought a spider had been at it but it flew off a little while later. I've had two more twenty plumes  since then.

Worn Twenty Plume

I'm not sure about the next two. I searched online and through Chris Manley's second edition, in the micro section twice for the first one. All I could guess at was a Common Slender Gracilaria syringella, I'm not certain however. I've added 2 shots to help it's ID.

Gracilaria syringella TBC

I think I'm out of touch, this should have been easy but... I think it could be a Common Carpet - Epirrhoe alternata TBC.  I looked at Garden Carpet too, nothing quite matched either try at naming.

Common Carpet - Epirrhoe alternata TBC

All I need now is some genuine IDs.


AndyC said...

Hi Gordon..looks like a garden Carpet....

Gordon Jackson said...

Thanks Andy, as I said I looked at a Garden Carpet, but non looked like mine, There is diversity and there is taking it too far!

AndyC said...

Looks like syringella