Saturday, 1 August 2020


Last night (31st July)

6 x Marbled Beauties.
1 x Bee Moth.
1 x Neededing ID.

The only photo I took, was of a moth in far from ideal conditions. The moth was some distance away, at a difficult angle, with  a unsuitable camera. I spent a LOT of time during the day, on and off trying to get an ID. All I can say is that it's a noctuid. Any ideas?

An ID is needed please.


Edward Evans said...

Dark Arches.

Gordon Jackson said...

Thank Edward. That is my first Dark Arches. What a shame I couldn't get a good shot of it. Still, there is always another day.

Edward Evans said...

Cheers Gordon, you should get another. They are quite common moths.

If you have any old wood or something, you should look at a recipe for 'sugaring' for moths, I did it here last year and it was fantastic (before I got my trap).

My general recipe is:
Cheap stout
Black Treacle
Demerara sugar
Cheap rum (add at end

Heat it up, make it thick and sweet and leave to cool. Use a paintbrush to add it to your wood.

Hope this helps,


I really would advise you to do it.