Saturday, 30 September 2017

Retrograde Post. Stainland 28th Sept 2017

I took a walk down to Eve's top disused quarry on the 28th Sept. I was looking for leaf mines, (Charlies influence). I found a few but struggled with getting ID's for them. I emailed them to Charlie. I have just received the reply.

It seems that some I found were flies and a couple on Elder and Ivy, make tiny mines and feed inside the leaf. The only reliable way to find out what they are is to rear them. 

I saw quite a lot of very small, light brown moths flying. One eventually landed on a buttercup leaf. It only stayed long enough for one photo, which is not a great one. They were Nettle Taps.

Nettle Tap.

Now for the Leaf Mines, it's a phyllonorycter sp. on oak. You can clearly see it left the leaf on the underside.

Top side of leaf .

phyllonorycter sp. bottom side.

I thought I'd show the other two mines out of interest. The Ivy one is first. I'm intrigued by the reddish area near the centre. I have no idea how it was caused.
Leaf Mine on Ivy. Top.

 Bottom side.

 Mine on Elder. Top.


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