Thursday, 14 September 2017

Stainland - Sept. 12th

Me and Gordon had a wander down to the bagworm site and on to Robber Dodge wood this week, here are some of our finds: The Lichen Case-bearers look to be in good health with 6 cases found one of which was seen on the move (Gordon's photo).

I'm always trying to inspire him (or boring him) with my leaf mining interest - here is Gordon's excellent shot of a probable Stigmella ruficapitella mine and egg (start of mine) laid on the upper surface of an oak leaf.

Find of the day for me was this cracking Green Silver-lines larva on a Beech tree down in the wood. The larva looked almost fully fed - I would have taken it to rear through if I'd known what it was!

Other adult leps were plenty of Red Admirals with five in one south-facing, shelterd spot, Small Coppers, Speckled Woods, male Vapourer powering through (easily missed that one - keep an eye out for these), Silver Y, and Nettle-taps.

EDIT: Also a couple of Ectoedemia minimella larvae mining Downy Birch were taken to rear through.

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AndyC said...

Green silver lines is a beauty....not seen one of those before