Friday, 23 March 2018

Bulrush Wainscot

Whilst on a visit to the Cromwell Bottom compound yesterday I noticed this exit/entry hole in a Bulrush stem. After peeling back the outer layers I could see extensive internal feeding and more holes. Obviously an invertebrate of some kind I can only assume it's a Bulrush Wainscot larva as no other species bore in to typha stems like this - a nice find for me as I've not recorded this species before :-)


AndyC said...

nice find,,

charlie streets said...

Whilst on the subject of moths in watery habitats - I'm going to try and find some of those wingless, aquatic, female Water Veneers.

Shouldn't be too difficult if you can net them as they come to surface to mate :-)

Have to find some local sites where they've been recorded.

AndyC said...

The ponds on tag loop are perfect for this seen them on there before along with small china marks..

charlie streets said...

We'll have to take some long handled nets on there sometime - hard to imagine moths living underwater!