Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Shibden Head

Pouring with rain early afternoon so thought I would have a go at the tunnel.
Treacherous conditions in there with snow having blown all the way through and dripping wet from the roof - but I gave it a go hanging on to the walls.

I managed with difficulty to find 7 Heralds. 3 on the roof and 4 in the wall cracks. How strange - they were all covered in minute due drops so wonder how they are able to survive in these conditions (??)
Still fantastic moths to see.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Amazing! You would think they would freeze. Though like plants and amphibians, they probably have natural anti-freeze in their blood.

I've been in that tunnel or underground passage, discovered it by accident a long time ago. Then went up with Andy C once with a couple of other members. That time we found just one Herald, but not covered in droplets.

AndyC said...

Yep fallen over in there a couple of times...great photos..