Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Hot Hectad in May 15th 2018

A good Hectad today South of RHB  Royds Hall Beck (Calderdale)

The Habitat is riverine will steep sided Clough and Damp Grassland facing South has been consistingly good Habitat for Orange Tip and GV Whites which utilise the Cuckoo Flower and other plants in the family Brassicaceae. such Greater Bittercress abundant at  this locality


Male Orange Tip Beck side x 22
Orange Tip Confirmed Female  x3
Green Vein Whites x7
Speckled Wood x9
Peacock x1
0150 Green Longhorn ABH 7.006  Adela reaumurella Colony circa  x30 
Brown Silver-line Petrophora chlorosata circa  x10   

Brown Silver Lines is turmed up when walking over dried Bracken this time of year

The Botany Flowering in and arond this area includes

Lesser Celandine
Cuckoo Flower
Cow Parsely
Field Forget me Knot
Buttercup Creeping
Rowan and Hawthorn ( Flower Buds on the way)

Other Entomology Included

Syrphus Sp (likely ribessi)
Click Beetles X2 sp
St Mark Fly Bibio marci
Limonid Cranefly

Imges To Follow


AndyC said...

great numbers of orange Tip Colin must be the best year i have ever seen for this species ,, saw one near the bus station in Brighouse today...))

Colin D said...

hI Andy hope you are well. pretty much on the beck every year. Looks as if you might be seeing some interesting patterns in this years records with the short flower season and long winter. As Dave says there is not much coming in at the minute but its flowering up. Great picture of the the Green Hairstreak by thw way and Charlie has had some interesting Cats The GVW are about in healthy numbers