Thursday, 10 May 2018

Red striped Blackthorn cats

15mm. This one looked quite spiffy before a parasitic wasp grub did its business, I think it was a Geometrid, Green Pug maybe- any ideas?

13mm. This one's not looking too great either :-(  Any ideas?

A micro - I'm hoping it's the Pyralid Acrobasis advenella  but not 100%
I'm also hoping it won't get eaten from within :-)


AndyC said...

Green Pug looks like a good fit............

charlie streets said...

Yes, the consensus points to Green Pug - it's not a species I've found before.

Pretty sure of the Acrobasis advenella. I've got a much better shot of the next instar, also it's now feeding on Hawthorn which is its named foodplant, not sure how it ended up in a Blackthorn bush. Will post the pic sometime soon.