Saturday, 21 October 2017

Gallows Pole Plantation

Had a wander up to the plantation yesterday - with the rain and leaden skies it looked like something out of a dark fairytale. The ground is permanently water-logged and I regularly flushed flocks of Wood Pigeons from the stunted, gnarly tree tops - very spooky!

There were dahlica bagworm cases on the side of the main road at Greetland and on Norland moor near the plantation - seems they are widespread and locally abundant. That's 6 areas at 4 sites now.

Another interesting find was this Exapate congelatella resting on a dry-stone wall by the plantation. I thought with the cool, wet weather it would hang around for photos but it was up and away from the off allowing just one record shot. Seems they do fly on calm afternoons. 

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