Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Shibden Head

I had a stroll up there this afternoon and checked Bare Head Tunnel on the way round - torch at the ready ! I could only find 5 Herald Moths but they are still special. Tricky to get any really good photo's through the gaps in the stone and keeping the 'flash' in line, these below are the best I could do.

Herald - Scoliopteryx libatrix


Gordon Jackson said...

really nice looking moth David. Is Bare Head Tunnel a long walk from a bus route and is it easy going? I think I'd like a look at it.

David Sutcliffe said...

Don't think it's on a bus route Gordon. Not that I use them much. If you want to give it a go sometime I could meet you somewhere in Halifax and take you up there as it's not all that easy to find unless you know the area.

Wonder if there might be more moths there when the weather cools down a bit more (??)- maybe in November.
You can email me if you like calderdalebirds.co.uk

Gordon Jackson said...

That's really a very kind offer David, I like that, thank you. I've looked at Calderdale Birds, but I can't see an email contact, other than for Raptors and a bird organisation. I'm obviously missing something. Sorry.

David Sutcliffe said...

I got it wrong ! - email is - info@calderdalebirds.co.uk

AndyC said...

Yes a fantastic species , they can be found in any tunnel or cave over the winter period.Will keep an eye out for an easy access tunnel ..Give me a shout if your going to bare head and i will try and come along...Cheers

David Sutcliffe said...

Good idea Andy, will do. Might find a 'Tissue' as well if we were lucky.
I think there was a tunnel at one time from the top side of Shibden Hall - which led (I think) under the road and across towards Cunnery Wood. Not sure if it's still there or if it was, is it now closed off and inaccessible. Chris might know (?)