Thursday, 19 October 2017

Lee Mount - 19th October

Just four moths in the trap this morning
Yellow-line Quaker - x  1 (TBC as it's a first for me. Never had Red-line Quaker either but expect that to be greyer rather than this orangey one)
Mottled Umber x 1
Blair's Shoulder-knot x 1
Acleris sparsana x 1
 Blair's Shoulder-knot
 Mottled Umber
Yellow-line Quaker
Also from earlier in the week
A Red-green Carpet looking a little faded, and a caterpillar found on Phlox with I haven't been able to identify yet.

 Caterpillar still to i d

Red-green Carpet

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Gordon Jackson said...

I could be wrong but the cat looks like an Angle Shades caterpillar to me.