Saturday, 30 March 2013

Orange Underwing 30 03 2013

Saw a Orange Underwing today at Kitson Wood,a bit Bizarre watching it flying around Birches with really Deep Snowdrifts all around ! Bri.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Psychidae, Diplodoma laichartingella a 1st record for Calderdale 17 03 2013

Finally found some Psychidae Cases after quite a few Years of searching ! Found 4 ,2 were in the same Hollow the other 2 were on seperate trees.all were in hollows facing South just above the roots on large Beech Trees,perhaps judging by the size just over 11mm, and bits of insect cases and shape of the case ie Triangular ,they look like Diplodoma laichartingella ? see what others think ? regards Sent some pics to Harry Beaumont he agrees they are Diplodoma laichartingella.thanks for all the comments.Checked some other places today 24 03 13,searched Bob wood Colden Clough with non found,tried Eaves Wood bottom end of Colden where i struggled to find these 2 Cases in the same Hollow at the base of a Beech as previous facing South,maybe the smaller case 2nd pic down left,is a 1st Year and will emerge in 2014 ? I also found one Case in another part of Callis Wood.Bri.29 03 13 found an Old Larval Case at another site today Heights Wood Stoodley Glen and this one was still suspended from Silk Thread,with Pupal Exuvium protruding,maybe the Moth emerged last Year 2012, top pic ! this is the 1st on Oak that ive seen so far,Difficult to find on old knobbly Oaks,maybe thats the reason most are found on Beech !! Found 5 more Cases on 02 04 13 at Middle Dean Wood and a 1st one found on Sycamore.Looks like they are Locally common ! Bri.

Cat ?

I dont think this is a lep cat,anyone any ideads,Bri is it the same as the one you found.??

Friday, 15 March 2013

Quiet at the Sugar Patch 15 03 2013

Very quiet Sugaring at Eaves Wood Colden Clough,although appreciably milder tonight,just 2 Satellites came to feed,still needs to warm up a tad,hard to believe this time last Year we had our best spell of weather all Year !

Petite wave hits the national moth news

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cave moth talk

The re organised talk by Dave Hodgson re hibernating Tissue and Herald moths in a Dales cave, (see has now been arranged for 23rd March at Crosshills Nats starting at 1930

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring moths

Brian reports 2 Spring Ushers,1 Satellite at sugar last night and a Dotted border disturbed from the leaf litter last week,I had a dotted border flying around local wood this morning and 10 heralds in Bare head Tunnel.