Monday, 25 April 2016

Jumble Hole

We had a good search of one side of the valley today looking for bagworms...we drew a blank but the habitat looked perfect.? We found 1 Common Footman larvae , 1 eriocrania  sp , a couple of empty coleophora cases and an old Northern Eggar cocoon......We will be out again soon....thanks to Charlie and Bri...

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Bare Head Tunnel

Had a walk up the Shibden Valley today, not much happening in terms of butterflies (a few bumblebees though). Eventuallly wound my way to Bare Head Tunnel and had 20 mins exploring. Normally I forget my torch but this time I had one with me. 7 Herald sheltering in the tunnel, some nice spiders and a birds nest!

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Jumble Hole Monday 10.30

I am meeting Bri Monday at 10.30 at Jumble Hole...if any one would like to join us then put a message below.Charlie I can pick you up at yours if you want...Cheers  all welcome

Lee Mount

2 from this week, both on 19th April I've been struggling with....

Thought maybe this first one was a washed out Common Quaker but it looked marginally larger - not sure as the pale dark lines running down the wing have thrown me a bit (it don't take much doing)!!

This pug below was much smaller and a different shape from a Brindled Pug that I had the same night. This is only 2 cm across - wondered about Double-striped Pug which seems to fit the date ?
Best shot I could get !

Friday, 22 April 2016

Bits and bobs

Plenty of Butterflies out these last few days with my first Green Veined White and Speckled Woods today and lots of Peacocks and Small Tortoiseshell about the last few days. Found this case above on a dry stone wall today some sort of Coleophora.??
   Good to see more bagworms emerging a great find that area Charlie.....
  Trying to sort Bagworm hunt at Jumble hole but proving a bit tricky Bri working sat , so trying for Sunday but not definite yet..will keep you posted..

Ovenden Moor

We went yesterday to check a spot where, a few years ago, we found a female Emperor Moth. The weather was a bit cool with the easterly wind though the sun was shining. We did have sight of an unidentified largish moth 50m or so away but we lost it !

We did find one small area with these beetles, maybe 20+, scattered in clumps of heather near the path and which we have identified fairly confidently as Green Tiger Beetles - Cicindella campestris  (?)  As soon as they were disturbed they either dived into the base of heather or took flight for a short distance before disappearing back in the heather - they looked fluorescent in flight.

More bagworms.......

The first of Andy's bagworm finds emerged a couple of days ago (top) as did another one of mine (middle) and the first one (below).

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Tiny Micro on Hedge Mustard

This small Micro Moth was found on Garlic Mustard (Hedge Mustard) during the day at CB LNR unfortunately not the best shot but the only one . I would say it would have been about 5 mm or So 
Not at all sure about this one ?

Slightly more recognisable this Orange Tip male was seen with peacock , Tortoise also flying today

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Lee Mount

Not sure on this one - thought maybe Clouded Drab but it looks quite different from the other ones earlier this week ?

Friday, 15 April 2016

Lee Mount

This week so far one or two struggling with !!
Amended - thanks to the lads !

 Clouded Drab - with 2 of these on 12th and 2 again on 13th
 Clouded Drab
 Beautiful Plume ?
 Common Plume
Same as above - Common Plume wing folded !
Also from last night
Hebrew Character x  1
Early Thorn x 1
Agonoperix hert.. x 1

Thursday, 14 April 2016

More Bagworms ( Lichen Case - bearer.... Dahlica lichenella... ?? )

 Had a walk with Charlie today looking for more Bagworms. The area we covered in Stainland was about a mile long with dry stone walls to either side of the path, The walls were covered in various Lichens and mosses indicating very good air quality . We found 6 cases 4 were of the pale green type,   1 was black and white and the first one we found was black / dark. It is a hard job to concentrate for long periods so we were pleased that the final score was 3 - 3 .

Last night

Ran the trap at Northowram last night : -
Hebrew Character    x  5
Common Quaker     x 2
Small Quaker          x 2
Early Grey            x 1
Diurnea Fagella    x 1

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Orange tip

First Orange Tip of  the year for me today, driving through King Cross and waiting to turn to Warley a male came flapping along the line of cars. Nice to have a bit of sun and the promise of more to come.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Lichen Case-bearer (Dahlica lichenella)

Following on from the bagworm post below one of the adults emerged overnight and was not the anticipated Narycia duplicella - instead I got the very unexpected and very rarely recorded Lichen Case-bearer (Dahlica lichenella). 
Harry Beaumont seems happy with the identification; there is just one previous Yorkshire record I'm aware of.

As the cases were originally attached to stone I had to cut them off and carefully glue them in the correct orientation to some card when I got them back home. The female - all 2.8mm of her is parthenogenetic which means she emerges with fertile eggs so no need for attracting a mate.

As soon as she emerges she begins laying in side the old case. After a few hours she will die - job done.

She rarely stayed still and flash was used as it was still semi-light outside but some of the pics came out okay.

I  thought she was just laying eggs around the inner edge of the case so I cut it half to have a look when she had finished. Little did I know the case was almost full from back to front!

My identification is largely based on the empty pupal case, in particular the head capsule (see UK Moths for details).

Just a few eggs to rear through now, hopefully I can release plenty back at the site were I found the cases.

I wonder what will pop out of the other case now as my confidence at ID-ing them is none existent.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Lee Mount

From last night some new ones for us photographed which we think we have identified....with amendments !
Common Quakers x 4
Error with Oak-tree Pug x 2 - amended to Brindled Pug x 2
Early Thorn x 1
Agonopterix heracliana/ciliella.  x 1

Brindled Pug
  Amended from Oak-tree Pug to Brindled Pug
 Early Thorn - this was a lovely moth a bit like a butterfly with the wings closed
Agonopterix heracliana/ciliella.

Monday, 4 April 2016

March Tubic CB LNR

CB - Lagoon

A quick 10 mins at CB LNR revealed this species of March Tubic and a nocturnal beetle  The Bronze Ground Beetle Carabus nemoralis hunting, its presence coinciding with the appearance of slugs one of its prey

x1 BF663 March Tubic diurnea fagella ABH 29.001 

Update ** The Bronze Ground Beetle Carabus nemoralis  is a common beetle found in gardens, farmland and meadows. Ground beetles are active, nocturnal predators, chasing and catching smaller invertebrates;

Lee Mount

Last night 3rd April - nothing doing till it started drizzling, then a few came in onto the window though I am still working on them !!

Hebrew Character x 1
Common Quaker x 1 - plus maybe this one below ?
1 Brindled Pug x 1 as well as this darker form below ?
Agonopterix hert x 2

 Maybe a worn looking Common Quaker but couldn't get a better photo so might need to give this one up. 
 Maybe a Brindled Pug (hirschkei)
 No idea - yet !
No idea - yet !
wing length c17mm

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Lee Mount

Just 2 moths last night both late on.
Think I've got i d correct (?)
 Common Quaker
Brindled Pug ?

Friday, 1 April 2016


Hi all,

I had a productive walk around Stainland yesterday and found a few things of interest - the highlight being a couple of Narycia duplicella cases both with larvae inside so hopefully there'll be some adults to follow. They only took about seven years to find...............
 Above (dorsal) and below (lateral) are different views of the same case, around 6mm long. Tapered at both ends, wider on the ventral surface with flanges down both sides and covered with tiny algae particles.

 A second case below.

Also this 4mm long case and larva of a presumed Coleophora lutipennella agg, found on the leaf buds of oak.

And a quick wander around Norland moor a few days ago with a sweep net produced this 16mm long Northern Eggar and a neglected Rustic larva (bottom).