Monday, 30 March 2009

Day time hunting

Brian found this Engrailed(bottom photo) at Broadhead Clough and I found this Diurnea Fagella today in the local wood by searching the base of tree trunks.

Tuesday night

These are the two posts Ive been sugaring in pixie wood,If you go in before dusk you will easily spot them.These is a sallow in the far north corner in full bloom as well.Unfortunatly I am working so I hope its a good outing.

Hebden Bridge This Week

From 23rd to 29th inclusive

Diurnea Fagella 1
Common Quaker 4
Hebrew Character 2
March Moth 1
Oak Beauty 1
Total - 9
A blustey / showery week with frosty nights improved last night. (All of the above except 1 HC, pictured arrived last night)


Brian found loads of these on billberry yesterday any ideas.??

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Midgley GMS

Nothing, just a wet trap, anyone else get owt?

Friday, 27 March 2009

Sallowing Trip

To make things clearer I am starting this thread. Does anyone fancy going Sallowing at Cromwell Bottom on Tuesday night. Forcast at the moment - Light wind (5mph), Dry and 8 deg c (until 9pm). The sallow is now out. Bring walking boots / a good torch / a net if poss / plenty of patience!
Anyone interested?

Monday, 23 March 2009

Hebden Bridge Moths This Week

16th - 22nd March inc

Oak Beauty 3
Chestnut 2
Dotted Border 2
(New for year)
March Moth 7
Common Quaker 23
Clouded Drab 1
(New for year)
Diurnea Fagella 3 (inc Melanic 2) (New for year)
Yellow Horned 1
Hebrew Character 7
White-shouldered House-moth 1 (New for Year)

Total – 50

Inc on GMS Week 3 (22/3/09)
1 Common Quaker

Garden trapping

I set up my moth trap in the garden on Saturday night,
1 March Moth
1 Common Quaker
2 Hebrew Character

Sunday, 22 March 2009

At last a Stigmella emerges .2

At last I have success on the Stigmella front ,I can say I am well pleased ,thanks to Charly for his tips and encouragement.Its a poor photo but they are very small indeed.The larvae and leaf were found at Cromwell Bottom on the 11th Feb 2009.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Midgley GMS

GMS last night
1 Early Grey
1 March Moth
1 Chestnut
1 Common Quaker
and this one which we reckon is a Mottled Grey?

Gorpley Clough

Great tunrnout for March cheers everyone but More Moffers than moths on a very clear and cold night.
Total catch :-
Small quaker x 1
Clouded Drab x 1
March Moth x 1
Satellite x 3
Chestnut x 5
Twin Spot Quaker x 1

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Midgley last night

We think two of these are Early Greys but the other one??? A Drab of some kind or a dark Quaker type?
Also had a single Hebrew Character in addition to these.

Last nights moths

i was'nt expecting much with the cold night and clear skies but turned out to be one of my best in March
Pale Pinion x1
Small quaker x1
Early Grey x1
Mottled Grey x1
Common quaker x5
Hebrew Character x 7
Clouded Drab x2
Chestnut x2
satellite x1

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Mystery Moth

Hi all, can anyone help me with the id of this one from last summer. I am struggling between Small Square-spot and Ingrailed Clay. If you think you can please say why you have made your choice. Many thanks, Win

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


Not a brilliant photo but caught last night along with a single Hebrew Character

1055 Acleris hyemana

.I found this today out by the trap in the back garden and it shows some characteristics of A.hyemana any comments would be appreciated

Field Trip 1 and news from tod

Brian reports finding two 726.Metzneria metzneriella lavae on common knapweed seedheads and 2 larvae on hogweed which he has yet to id(will keep you posted).
Common & Small quakers , Early Greys and Hebrew Characters in trap.
Also planning running the trap at Gorpley Clough on Friday evening if anyone wants to join us.(target Oak Beauty,+ Small brindled Beauty)

Monday, 16 March 2009

Its getting more difficult!

Nothing in the trap last night but found this dead nearby, not sure what this is but think its a Yellow Horned?

This weeks moths in Hebden

9th-15th March inclusive

Pale Brindled Beauty 3
Oak Beauty 9
Small Quaker 1
Common Quaker 9
Yellow Horned 4
Chestnut 4
Agonopterix sp 1
Twin-Spot Quaker 1
Hebrew Character 2
March Moth 2


Last nights moths

Clouded Drab,a selection of Common Quaker and a couple of Hebrew Character ,Emmelina monodactyla, at Northowram.Early Grey,Common Quaker and Red Sword Grass at Todmordenand 4 Mottled Grey resting on billberry near the trap(BL)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Midgley GMS

Just three moths last night, a Common Quaker, Red Green Carpet (another belter) and Hebrew Character

Last nights moths

5 Common Quaker,3 Hebrew Character,1 March moth and a Clouded Drab.

Lancashire & Cheshire Ent. Soc. Annual Exhibition

Hi all

You might wish to attend this event even though its outside our area. I have been a member of the society for a few years now as many of the moffers I have taken field trips with or advice from are members and attend this event. If you come along you are sure of a warm welcome and will meet people like Ben Smart who brings his vast collection of larval images, Ian Smith, Steve Hinds and Ian Kimber of UK Moths fame. The exhibition is held in a modern hall (unlike the YNU event which is in a draughty old church hall) with plenty of facilities for drinks and food. Its dead easy to get to in Frodsham which is only a good hours drive from Calderdale on the motorway. Sue and I will be running a large well stocked book stal on the day. The blurb below is from another excellant moffer, Shane Farrel, who organises the event each year. Hope to see you all at the event.

The Lancashire & Cheshire Ent. Soc. annual Exhibition is on SATURDAY 4thApril 2009 from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm (Open 10.00 am for exhibitors to setup) at FRODSHAM COMMUNITY CENTRE Fluin Lane, Frodsham, Cheshire WA67QN (01928) 732222, SJ521777.

If you attend please help to make this event successful by bringing along anexhibit for others to enjoy. This can include anything and should hopefully interest others and promote discussion of insects and related orders. Field equipment, photographic apparatus, display boards, computer demonstrations,record files, larval rearing items, livestock, study equipment, books,photographs, videos and specimens, including unidentified species, are some possibilities. Other organisations will be welcome to attend and arrange a display - please contact the organiser. There will be an L&CES table attended throughout the day to assist new and existing members if required or speak with any of the society officials – ask anyone and they will direct you. Entrance is free and all are welcome. Light refreshments will be available all day for a small fee.Our regular book sellers Paul and Sue of Pennine Books will also be attending again and will have a wide range of Natural History books.You are requested to contact Paul or view the catalogue or website and inform him of your requirements before the exhibition if you wish to ensurethe items you want to inspect or buy are brought along.Bryan Formstone will be providing a talk on some of the beetles found in North Wales and continuing the Coleopterous theme, Jeff Clarke will be speaking on the new recording scheme in Cheshire for those attractive beetles, the Ladybirds. Thanks very much to both for agreeing to provide a talk. I will welcome approaches from other speakers willing to providestalks at future events.
We have again hired the large hall and the small hall where the talks will take place. If you exhibited last year, we hope you will do so again thisyear. If you did not, please consider bringing along something. Pleaseencourage interested non-members to come along. It will be greatlyappreciated if you can pre-book a display table but if not come on spec aswe’ll always fit you in!

Friday, 13 March 2009


We think this is an Oak Beauty? Whatever it is its a cracking moth, came to the actinic overnight.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Last Night in Hebden (11th March)

Best catch of the year last night –

Oak Beauty 1
Pale Brindled Beauty 1
Common Quaker 1 (First for year)
Small Quaker 1 (First for year)
Yellow Horned 1 (First Ever)
Chestnut 3

Agonopterix heracliana 1

Yellow (or orange) Horned was exciting. First one of these for me. I know this micro is prob Agonopterix heracliana but never really looked into this species before. UK Moths mentiones that A. ciliella is similar but has five brownish lines in the cilia. I must confess to not being able to see these in the photos on there so bit confused. Marks at the base of the wing, yes (in both species) but not in the cilia? Can we say my photo is def. Heracliana. Any advice?


Sugaring at Cromwell Bottom(Sat eve)Cancelled

Due to work I have to cancell this.
Sugaring at Cromwell Bottom(Sat eve)
I am planning a trip to Cromwell Bottom on Sat evening about 6 - 8ish as Ive been sugaring a few trees this week and Sat is the only day I will be able to cheque them.If anyone wants to join me? meet at 6 by the feeding station car park.Weather looks terrible,but hey - ho(remember last time at Gorpley).: )

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Calderdale Species List

I have an upto date list of species recorded in Calderdale since 1999,Its Micro,Macro,pyralids and Butterflies.I am sure it is not complete but its pretty comprehensive if anyone would like a copy please leave a comment below.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

We seem to have a few Problems.??

Hi all,Blogg seems to be playing up at the moment hopefully sort it out soon.??
Many thanks to everyone who has sent in records recently Paul T, Winston and Nick D we are up to 33,000 records so many thanks again.

Birds nests anyone?

The Calderdale Bird Conservation Group have cleaned out the 40+ nestboxes in Hardcastle Crags today, there was a very high occupancy rate and we have removed all used nests. In the past we passed these on to Paul Talbot for him to study the contents, apparently there are moths that use nests and if I remember correctly some interesting records came from these. Is there anyone currently in the area that might be interested in these nests? I have them all individually bagged up for anyone that wants them.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Last Night in Hebden

Chestnut x 4 (with this particularly rich coloured specimen)
March Moth x 1
Winston (My GMS Night is on Sun Though)

Last nights moths(first night of GMS)

Satellite and Chestnut at Sugar Cromwell Bottom and Hebrew Character,Mottled Grey and Chestnut at light in Todmorden.(BL)What happened to the Eriocrania.??

Monday, 2 March 2009

What is this??

I found this critter in Beechwood Park last week. It was unfortunately dead at the bottom of a recently dug drainage ditch. I'm not sure whether it is a caterpillar or a beetle larva, so thought I would invite opinions.

It was about an inch and a half long and a bit thicker than a pencil. Any info would be gratefully received.



Confirmation has just come through that Harry has accepted my(CS) P.filicovora record, which is a first for Yorkshire. I went back to the site where I found it and collected several more leaves/plants showing promising signs and will try to rear through anything inside........... Well done to Charlie on this and thanks to Paul for his tips and advice, just goes to show that new species to our area and Yorkshire are continually being found.

Last Night in Hebden (1st March)

Apropriately enough, Just one March Moth. Managed to get a slightly different angle in the photo of this little chap. Winston

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Last Night in Hebden

Last night there were three visitors. One Spring Usher, one March Moth and this Satellite (You can just see the orange stigmata in the background).

Midgley last night

Three moths up here last night, I reckon I can ID two of them, Dotted Border and Common Quaker (?) but the top one is puzzling me, can anyone help please? I'm not sure of the best way to approach ID, at the moment we're just flicking through the book hoping to latch onto something that looks right, is there a book that illustrates them in flight season order? just when you think you might have an ID you discover its flight period isn't until October or something!