Monday, 30 June 2008

Burnets & Stuff

Anyone with time this week should visit Tag meadow at Cromwell Bottom. The burnetts have started to emerge in the last few days and I counted hundreds this morning. If you look over one of the bush vetch patches you will sometimes see as many as a 1000+ burnets on one patch of plants, its truly spectacular. Lots of Meadow Brown on the meadow along with many differant grass and tortrix moths. I also recorded Small Copper and Small Heath on the meadow this morning.

I have a tips sheet with lepidoptera to be found on Ragwort. If anyone wants a copy contact me and I will email it too you. Ragwort is a cracking plant for many types of lepidoptera and "other" orders of insects.


Went out looking for some leafmines today and found this Vapourer caterpillar on bramble, its a beaut.The leaf mine was on beech and i presume the tennant has moved on,what is the white and is there an egg anywhere.? Also 16 Speckled wood,3 Small Heath and 14 Meadow Brown.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Last nights Moths

White Ermine

Anyone know what this is.?
At least 30+ species on tuesday night with Dark Spectacle,Spectacle,Beautiful Golden Y,Small fanfoot,Green Pug(green not melanic) being the best of the haul(100+moths) and also the first Dark Arches and Large Yellow Underwings.

Monday, 23 June 2008

The Carabidae: Ground Beetles of Britain & Ireland

Pictorial Card Covers 7 x 10 inches tall, 250 Pages, lavishly illustrated with colour plates and B&W illustrated keys throughout. The Carabidae (ground beetles) are a cosmopolitan family, with an estimated 40,000 species worldwide. The prime purpose of this book is to enable the reliable identification of the adults of the 350 species of Carabids that occur in Britain and Ireland. Fully illustrated keys to subfamilies, tribes, genera and species are provided. Notes are provided for each species to enable the user to confirm (or otherwise) identification.
Creased covers otherwise brand new. A damaged copy replaced by the publisher, so free to first request. If you can afford a new copy please leave this to someone with less cash and thus unable to buy a copy.

Friday, 20 June 2008

Ogden moths & Butterflies

Up on the moors today I came across the two moths below, having sat with the book and scratched my head for half an hour, can anyone identify them.

Also bottom picture is a small heath I found on the Withens Road.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Keep an eye out

Received this from E.jolly(BAP coordinator) the other day.
There are a couple of easily-identified BAP insect species flying now that you
could look out for when out and about.
Small Copper butterfly and Chimney Sweeper (day-flying moth). They both breed in
unimproved grassland. Small Copper breeds on sorrel and the Chimney Sweeper on
pignut.All records will be passed on to Eddie.
Also after collecting information on nearly 390+ species of the larger moths and 25 + of Butterfly species,I am now starting to collect information on the micro's of Calderdale if any body has any information or lists please could they send them to my e-mail address.
The Caterpilla below is a Golden Rod Brindle and I think it has not been recorded locally for many years,so keep an eye out for this species

Cheers andy

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Only House wood

1 Nemophora degeerella (very long horns)1 Celypha lacunana,1 Yellow shell(first of year)Common Carpet,3 Small Heath,1 Speckled wood and 1 Peacock

Friday, 13 June 2008

Can anyone help identify this caterpillar

I found this on the moorlands above Ogden Water this moring. It was about 2.5-3cm in length and sheltering under a tin.

If anyone can identify it I would be grateful.

Withens Clough Car park

Hi all,Brian and myself will be running the trap at 9.30 on Sat 14th June all welcome(should be less midges and we can hide in cars if it gets bad)I can give anyone a lift if they would like.Cheers

Thursday, 12 June 2008

3 micros for id

hi Charlly i think this is the agonopterix sp.from NMN.House moth and Glec type?

Wednesday, 11 June 2008


A bit quiet last night but it did produce these two goodies that I cannot id, any ideas?

Could this be Small Clouded Brindle? (18mm long)

No idea for this one (21mm long)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

What a night !!!!!!!!!

I decided to run my Mercury Vapour trap all night, last night, I usually only run it for an hour or two, using my Actinic instead and what a night it was including these three that were new for me


Bright-line Brown-eye

The Miller

Monday, 9 June 2008

Last Nights Moths ......... as well

Things are finally getting going now, a few goodies for me were

Pale-shoulderd Brocade

Green Silver Lines

Poplar Hawkmoth

Spruce Carpet

Freyer's Pug (?)

and Narrow-winged Pug amongst others with 7 Brimstone caught - also plenty of Pugs to id if anyone would like to try.........

Freyer's Pug (???????????)

Narrow-winged Pug

Last few Days

Mother Shipton(pic from uk moths .ta)1 near Coley garden centre today ,could'nt get a pic as it would'nt stay still for long enough.10 small Heath and 6 speckled wood also.In the moth trap i have had 30 + species the highlights being The Herald,White ermine,Poplar and small elephant hawkmoth and my first Pepperd moth(melanic)of the year.
Keep an eye out for Silver Y's during the day as there were 300+ at Spurn yesterday.
Brian Leesey recorded an Eyed hawkmoth last week only our 3rd recent record.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

NMN Moths

Couple of these are the same as ones in the post below but after a good night on Friday a very poor night for the NMN - only 3 in the trap!

Friday nights moths

Hi all, below are the moths that I caught on Friday night which seemed a really good night or at least plenty in the trap. The only one I thought I had managed to identify turned out to be very wrong so I will post here and look them up for future ref after you guys give me a clue!! lol Here we are then:

repeat of first moth - different photo

help in moth i.d please

poor photo quality-it had a rusty colour to it which the pics may not pic up

Blake dean ......NMN(national midge night)

2 million midges
10 Brown Silver Lines
1 small Phoneix
2 Garden carpet
1 Common Carpet
8 Map Winged swift
1 Common Swift
6 Brimstone
1 Ruby Tiger
5 Broom Moth
1 Small Elephant Hawkmoth
3 Scalloped Hazel
1 Common Marbled Carpet
1 Iron Prominent(northern form)
1 Lesser swallow Prominent
1 Coxcombe Prominent
4 Rustic Shoulder Knot
1 Silver Ground Carpet
1 dark Brocade
1 Clouded Border
1 Buff Ermine
1 Small angle Shages
1 Pale Shouldered brocade
Thanks to everyone who braved the elements(more to follow)

Saturday, 7 June 2008

B&W to Colour

My last post was of a Green-veined White so this time I thought I would post something which arrived last night form the other extreme of the colour spectrum! Good luck to everyone in Calderdale on NMN


Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Only House wood

Managed a trip round my local wood this aft and found 4 speckled woods,2GV White,3 Small White,1 Large White,2 Peacock,3 Small Tortoiseshell,4 Small Heath,1 Red Admiral,1 Comma and a Wall Brown.Amazing what a bit of sunshine brings out.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Pale tussock

Found this hiding under my egg boxes

Despite the rain

Found this on Oak today,poor record shot but any ideas.?

Green-veined White

Don't ignore the Green-veined White! Up close it can be a really beautiful insect. That is if you can get one to sit still for long enough. charlie Streets and I cane across this one near Pecket Well which was a particularly good sitter, just look at those eyes! Winston