Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ghost Moth..............................

Had a few leking males and a few females at Northowram last night , but it was cool and windy. Tonight in Bradford we saw between 750 and 1000 males a beautiful sight. 10 to 15 pairs in cop and the first time Ive seen a female choose a male in a lek....if any one fancies seeing this site there is a public event there next Saturday night.....

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Day Flyers circa 10th June 2015

The Following where found or Noted recently

2474 Straw Dot Rivula sericealis Cromwell Bottom 12th June 2015

150 Green Longhorn Adela reaumurella

Golden Banded longhorn ( Wellholme Park ) No Image

1738 Common Carpet  Epirrhoe alternata  Cromwell Bottom 11th June 15

Grassland Moth Below TBC  Maybe one of the Epiblema ??????????

Query Moth..........??

Moth 8754

Out and About - Mother Shipton

Andy found the following Daying Flying Moths and Finds circa 9th June 2015

Found 3 differnet Mother SHipton this week on near the Kemp Stone in Todmorden ,1 at Soil Hill and one on the bank of Mixenden res, I kicked one up and as if flew a Swift caught it in flight .. Images Andy Cockroft (C) 2015

129 Incurvaria pectinea mines and larvae found on Silver Birch near Ramsden clough reservoir.The small larvae can be seen in the round clear mines,

Friday, 12 June 2015


I am planning to go here on Sat 27th June to look for Black Hairstreak and Wood White butterflys.If anyone fancies joining me there should be 3 spaces in the car......... weather permitting and will return same day...Cheers

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Moth in Todmorden

I saw this moth early afternoon today at Sunnybank Todmorden. It was flying around and came to rest on an Oak leaf.

Am I right in thinking it is a Garden Tiger--Arctia caja? It was very striking to look at and I don't think I've seen one before. Is the yellow stripe on wing edges part of the underwing?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Craggs Friday 5th June 2015

Weather. Preceding days warm 12 -17 degrees . On the evening breezy but sheltered at Craggs turning cooler with open sky about 7-9 degrees pm . Moon just passed Full ,

Other Entomology . Nicrophorus humator (sexton Beetle) Nebria Canatharids Soldier beetle Cantharis pellucida Cantharis

Thanks To andy , Brian Dave and Lynford with help on photography

0018 Map-winged Swift Korscheltellus fusconebulosa

Mapped Winged Swift 8488

Mapped Winged Swift 8479

Mapped Winged Swift 8469

Wingspan 30-35 mm.The larvae live underground and feed on the roots of Bracken. The adults fly in June and July.

1769 Spruce Carpet Thera britannica

Spruce Carpet  8587

Spruce Carpet  8595

Wingspan 18-25 mm.The larvae feed on spruce (Picea spp.) and Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii).2 broods, flying from May to July, and then in September and October.

1920 Scalloped Hazel Odontopera bidentata

Scalloped Hazel 8571

Feeds on a number of deciduous as well as coniferous trees.

1947 The Engrailed Ectropis crepuscularia

Engrailed 8496

Engrailed 8500

Wingspan 30-40 mm.2 generations, flying in March and April, and then in July and August, but in the north of  range it is single-brooded, flying in April and May.

1992 Small Elephant Hawk-moth Deilephila porcellus

Small Elephant 8522

Small Elephant 8509

Small Elephant 8559

The larvae, which are similar to those of D. elpenor, feed mostly on bedstraw (Galium).

2028 Pale Tussock Calliteara pudibunda

Pale Tussock 8416

Pale Tussock 8434

 2102 Flame Shoulder Ochropleura plecta

The nocturnal caterpillars live on low plants such as dock (Rumex) and plantain (Plantago)

2061   Buff Ermine Spilosoma lubricipeda 

Ermine 8446

Ermine 8467

Ermine 8443

2450 The Spectacle Abrostola tripartita

Spectacle 8426

Spectacle 8399

Spectacle 8428

Other Creatures of the Night

Andy examines incoming Brian Examine incoming finds

Brian Andy 8611

Brian keeps a macro record

Brian 8545

Lynford throws some light

Lynford 8612

Hardcastle Craggs 5,June

Again the skies were clear and the wind got up making it feel  cold for the time of year.
Highlight again was an Ochreous Pug and our first Small Elephant Hawkmoth at this site.
Map winged Swift    x 2
Common Swift        x 1
Flame Shoulder       x 3
Common Pug          x 5
Ochreous Pug         x  1
Pale Tussock          x   3
Silver Ground Carpet  x 6
Brown Silver Lines      x 8
Spectacle                      x 2
Small Elephant hawkmoth  x 1
Buff Ermine                    x 1
White Ermine                  x 1
Spruce Carpet                 x 1
Engrailed                        x 2
Flame Carpet                  x 1
Scalloped Hazel             x  3

Friday, 5 June 2015

Lee Mount

We planted these pots up earlier this week, nothing out of the ordinary but they turned up a gem this afternoon with a Humming-bird Hawk-moth for around a minute.
I dashed inside for the camera but I couldn't get a shot of it - it was just flying around too quickly from one flower to the other then off it went, I couldn't follow it. It's not turned up since but will be checking regularly in the next few days.
This follows on from one we had in the garden last year on 16th September 2014 feeding on Erysimum flowers. The previous one to that in the garden was in autumn 1974 on an Aster 'Michaelmas Daisy'

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Warm last

It was good to be out and about today, managed to see my first Large White , Small Heath and Small Copper today along with Peacock , Small Tortoiseshell , Orange Tip , Green veined and Small White .Also Small Yellow Underwing at Lightcliffe Quarries.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Grass Veneer 1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella

The ubiquitous 1293 Chrysoteuchia culmella appeared today in force on grassland  this gold like moth often appears to the eye large in settles on grass The larvae feed on the stems of various types of grasses, usually at the base.distinguished with its one or two angled cross-lines and metallic golden fringe to the forewings.

Also Around Plenty of GV Whites