Thursday, 25 May 2017

Bee Moth , Aphomia sociella

Only one moth this morning. A rather nice Bee Moth - Aphomia sociella. Photos of side and top of the moth.

Bee Moth - Aphomia sociella

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lee Mount - 23rd May

A very nice moth in the actinic trap this morning. I put it in the Buddleia bush and it's still there tonight, not moved all day. Only the second one I've had at this location but the previous one did not hang around !. An amazing looking moth.

Poplar Hawkmoth
 Also this moth (including one of the underside) not yet identified...though I initially thought maybe Spruce Carpet type ??


BF150 Green Longhorn Adela reaumurella ABH 7.006

Thought it might BE of interest to post this day flyer seen abundantly swarming on Oak at the moment The males have long, whitish antennae, the females shorter, Larva feeds on leaf litter, living within a movable case which I have not yet found !! Wingspan 14-18 mm.

It was AKA as Adela viridella (Scopoli, 1763) Adela reamurella Linneaus

Images Bog Standard Canon 18 - 55 mm lens









Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lee Mount - 22nd May

Scalloped Hazel x 2
Common Swift x 1
Small Magpie x 1
Small Phoenix x 1
Silver-ground Carpet x 1
Foxglove Pug x 1
Twenty-plume Moth x 1
Ancylis badiana ( I think) x 1
plus another  micro not yet identified (?)
 Ancylis badiana ?
I don't often get near with micro's but think this might be nearer than I usually am with them !
 Common Swift
 2 of the same Scalloped Hazel

Small Magpie

I would appreciate any help with this one below of the same micro


Monday, 22 May 2017

20th May 2017 Stainland

I've not been doing much of late, as I'm still struggling to walk. It's a remarkably painful thing to do. Still at long last, I had some moths visit me.

First a twenty plume. The only reason I'm posting it is that it is so worn you can easily see the wing structure. I thought a spider had been at it but it flew off a little while later. I've had two more twenty plumes  since then.

Worn Twenty Plume

I'm not sure about the next two. I searched online and through Chris Manley's second edition, in the micro section twice for the first one. All I could guess at was a Common Slender Gracilaria syringella, I'm not certain however. I've added 2 shots to help it's ID.

Gracilaria syringella TBC

I think I'm out of touch, this should have been easy but... I think it could be a Common Carpet - Epirrhoe alternata TBC.  I looked at Garden Carpet too, nothing quite matched either try at naming.

Common Carpet - Epirrhoe alternata TBC

All I need now is some genuine IDs.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Lee Mount 18th May

One or two nice moths in the trap today

 Brown Silver-line (this is one I didn't expect as it's usually seen in bracken areas and none around here !)
 Common Pug (I think)
 Peppered Moth
 Small Phoenix (1)
 Small Phoenix (2) above and below
Also a Twenty-plume Moth and a Light-brown Apple Moth in the trap

Lee Mount 17th May

Just a single moth and nothing else but this was very nice !.
Silver-ground Carpet

Monday, 15 May 2017

Lee Mount

A selection of a few of the moths in the last week or so - with any corrections welcome !

 Tachystola acroxantha (1 on 12th and 13th May)
 Above and below I am pretty sure this is Lesser Swallow Prominent - (19mm wing length showing the shape of the white wedge) - it's the same moth showing better markings on the left rather than the right fore-wing. (12th and 13th May)

 Struggled with this one above on 13th May but am going for Pale Mottled Willow. It does show some small white dots around the kidney mark on the left fore-wing bit I can't pick them out on the right !

 Shuttle Shaped Dart
 Small Phoenix
Other moths have included a few White-shouldered House-moths, Bee Moth, Twenty-plume Moths and a Brindled Pug.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Beechwood Park

A morning in Beechwood Park grasslands saw a newly emerged Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell & lots of Orange Tips. There were also a number of small grass moths but I leave them until later to identify!

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Buff Tip. (post from C.Streets)

Last September whilst working on re-instating a footbridge at Hardcastle Crags that got washed away in the Boxing day floods I found several Buff-tip larvae in the leaf litter. I took one home to rear through and it emerged a couple of weeks ago. The photos don't really do it justice as they are so beautifully camouflaged and hardly recognisable as moths.

At 29mm long I reckon it's a female.