Sunday, 26 May 2013

Historical Note

Last night the 25th May and 28th May  2013,I put the trap on at 9 .55and ran it overnight ,
 I emptied the trap at 5.30 this morning the 26th and 29th May 2013 ,,not one moth................

Ghost Moth update

Eggs collected from pair in cop 7th june 2011,started to pupate 15th May 2013.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Curse of the Organised event ..strikes again

1 Early Thorn
1 Red  Chestnut
30 people  
+ rain and wind
Thanks to Bri and Nabil

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Watch Out For Wood Tiger Moths

Anyone out and about on the Moors watch out for the Spectacular Wood Tiger Moth,.Its about the time to see the Partlially Grown Larvae as they like to Bask in the Sunshine,they never seem so Common,ive only found 2 in 10 years or so,hopefully just Underrecorded ! theres some pics on this blog from last Year of Larva and Moth.Bri.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Emperor Moths, Saturnia Pavonia 5th May, Whiteholme Reservoir

Coming back from a trip to the Llyn peninsular yesterday I decided to stop off at Whiteholme Reservoir just in case Emperors were on the wing. As soon as I got out of the car the sun went in. Very windy too so wasn’t very hopeful as I set off with my net. Nearly 2 hrs later, still no sun and little more to show for my ramble in the heather than a few Philedonides lunana which keep you on your toes (thx Bri’ for the id tip off). Walking home I saw something, or did I? You know those times when something caught your eye but as soon as you noticed you were past it. Retraced a few steps expecting it to be bird droppings or a piece of litter or like the money in the street that turns out to be a smarty tube bottom. Instead it was a female Emperor, Jackpot! I have been walking the moors for 8 years around Calderdale and this is my first sighting of a female. Very fresh and newly emerged it seemed as the hind wings were still showing a few undulations. Next I noticed it was only 6 inches from its cocoon woven into the tops of the heather. There has been a lot of burning on that moor and the cocoon survived in a little 2ft diameter area of unburned heather when all around it was charred stalks. The caterpillar had chosen well. Having taken some photos and whilst packing up my things I became luckier still. From nowhere a male appeared (the only sighting of the day). Landed about 6 inches below the female and climbed up to join her. I was surprised to see them mate as earlier I saw (what I thought) were eggs. Round pale yellow/white spheres dropping into the heather. Maybe they were something else? Taking some final photographs I left them in peace. By this time on the Riponden side of Turvin road the whole moor was ablaze. Driving back down you could feel the heat of the fire inside the car and it made me think how resilient the Emperor pupae must be to be surrounded by fire and still provide me with so much entertainment.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

First Trapping Session of the Year

next Sat 11th May ,at Hardcastle crags I will be running a trap/s ,there will be a bat walk as well  .Hope to see some of you as the long winter is now over,,,,,