Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Many Thanks and merry X-mas

Many thanks to everyone who has conributed to this site over the last year,some excellent records have been gathered and a steady picture is arising of the wealth of calderdales moths and butterfly species.White Letter hairstreaks ,Leopard moths,Broad Barred White, Blacknecks,Double Dart,Puss Moths,Scarce silver Y's,Muslin footman200 Psychoides filicivora(a first for Yorkshire well done CS)Eriocrai sangii and many many more.Look forward to meeting up with you all next year on a field trip near you,all the best for X-mas and the new year.I hope this blogg has help you enjoy this fasinating subject. Andy

Monday, 14 December 2009

Work in progress 2.

I have added a link to a list of moths recorded in Calderdale.It still need a lot of work but you will get the idea.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Last Night in Hebden Bridge

Big fat zero I'm afraid. Seemed like a decent night and hope for something but alas no. Winston

Saturday, 5 December 2009

National Moth Night 2010

National Moth Night 2010 will take place on Saturday 15 May 2010 and the theme will be Moths
and Bats. This will enable us to stress the importance of moths and highlight the links between
these two groups of much maligned creatures, both of which are in decline. Joint moth and bat
events would also be highly appropriate. As usual it will be jointly organised by Atropos and
Butterfly Conservation (through the Moths Count team), but we will also be joined for NMN2010
by the Bat Conservation Trust. You can record moths as usual for NMN, but if you are
organising an event for family, friends or the public, you could incorporate bat recording as an
added feature. You can make contact with local bat groups via

Thursday, 3 December 2009

News from Todmorden 3 12 09

Hi all,found this 1811 acleris hyemana while gardening today in Tod,quite a few types of heather,which prob accounts for it,as its usually moorland/heathland species,apparently.

Is this the final find of 2009

I found this moth today (3/12) clinging to the hanging basket outside the visitor centre at Ogden Water. Any ideas what it might be?