Thursday, 31 January 2013


14 still present in Bare Head tunnel today..Also the Ghost moth larvae has made it through its second winter , it has been feeding throughout feb and is now back to sam size as in autumn...

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another tunnel,another herald

Barkisland today with SteveB ,an old mine shaft aprox 75m long.Only found one Hearald but a closer look may produce more.

Friday, 25 January 2013

RE..Tissue and heralds

Herald moths go into caves, tunnels, old mines and old buildings to hibernate and only in exceptional cases i.e. very cold snaps, will they move further into the cave. Tissues on the other hand do not hibernate but go into periods of torpor for a week or two but are active all winter. Heralds in a way are similar to bats and often are covered in condensation droplets; this will stop the body from dehydrating. I have been working on these two species for 10 years now and have picked up all sorts of things and am trying to write it all up so will keep you in touch. You ask if the Tissues feed and am currently working on this by analysing the condensation water in caves looking for carbon in the form of sugars and also the bacteria on the cave walls but it is a very slow job. If you send me an address I will send you a paper I did for a field day a couple of years ago if you like. I also think food plants may be other species as well as what is written in books, I have yet to find a caterpillar. Best wishes David. .....................
Many thanks to David hodson for this info

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Bare head tunnel

Had another look in Bare Head tunnel today with Steve B and Charlie but no Tissue could be found.There were at least 14 heralds and i will be having another look over the weekend. The best thing about this record is it shows species recorded 100 years ago are still around if you look hard enough.There is still hope of finding Northern rustic and Brindled Ochre

Thursday, 17 January 2013

First moth of the year a Tissue....(no I havnt got a cold)

Brilliant a first for calderdale since the early part of last century and a rare resident of Yorkshire.ive been looking for once since 2010 when i found the Heralds in Bare Head Tunnel.I found 12 Heralds today and a Tissue.If you click on the pics and view it gives a lot better quality.Well chuffed with this find ,The Tissue over winters as an adult in caves and tunnels ,and in some parts of the dales upto 200 can be found in caves,but this is the first local record that i know of for a long time...

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

227 Monopis laevigella,Skin Moth 12 01 13

I collected about 8 Owl Pellets last October which were kept in cold cellar,and on 12 01 13 at least 25 of these Skin Moths emerged,which usually emerge from March,maybe the mild temperatures have brought them on a bit ! Bri. Heres a pic of Pupal Case after Moths emergance.regards Bri.
Another Skin Moth emerged 22 01 13,thats 26 from 8 Owl Pellets,il keep the Pellets see if anything else emerges later on .Bri

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Monday Night in Hebden Bridge

Had the Skinner trap on for a few nights during the milder spell which sadly seems to have passed. Tuesday 7th saw two visitors. 1) The Satellite Eupsilia transversa and 2) Pale Brindled Beauty (male) Phigalia pilosaria , this one being the melanic form f. monacharia

Monday, 7 January 2013

Moth Whispering

Viewers of the Lord of The Rings trillogy of films and the recent Hobbit, may have seen the amazing 'moth whispering' abilities of the wizard, Gandalf. He uses his powers to send a message of help to the eagles via a moth. I have been trying to id this moth and a strong contender is the Emperor Gum Moth Opodipthera eucalypti . A New Zealand species (Where the filming was done). See pics of the moth on Gandalf's hand and the Gum Moth. Happy new year and Happy hunting in this mild spell (nothing here yet) Winston (Hebden Bridge)