Saturday, 29 January 2011

Northern Egga,r collage

Thought id try a collage of some stages of Northern Eggar,with 1st and final caterpillar instars shown.while things are a bit quiet .regards Bri.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Whiteholme Drain 28 01 11

Plenty of these 395 Glyphipterix haworthana,larval spinnings about at Whiteholme Drain,and Langfield Common,this was spun up on Crowberry.regards Bri.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Hi There
In the absence of moths here in Hebden Bridge (so far) I have turned my attension elswhere. This spider was found in the doorframe I was refurbishing this week. As far as I can tell it is Amourobius similis (female). Hopefully some moths to post soon.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

A new Guide to Difficult Species

The British and Irish moths: an illustrated guide to selected difficult species (covering the use of genitalia characters and other features) has been produced by the Moths Count project with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, John Spedan Lewis Foundation and others. The Guide is softback and spiral bound for ease of use. It runs to 91 pages and contains over 130 colour illustrations. Written by moth experts Martin Townsend, Jon Clifton and Brian Goodey, the aim of the Guide is to make available information on the identification of difficult macro-moths, beyond what is currently available in the field guides. 72 larger moth species (plus their subspecies and forms) are included. This Guide provides the next step for those wishing to make a definitive determinations of difficult moths such as ear moths, dark/grey daggers, copper underwings and the November Moth group. As such, much of the Guide is focussed on genitalia characteristics, although there are discussions of other characteristics such as wing markings.

Copies of the Guide are available from Butterfly Conservation ( or 01929 400209) and from specialist retailers. The recommended retail price is £20, but it is available at a special initial offer price of £15 plus £2 post and packaging to UK addresses. All proceeds received by Butterfly Conservation will be used towards ongoing moth recording.

Best wishes
Dr Zoƫ Randle

Moth Recording Co-ordinator, Moths Count

Friday, 14 January 2011

1st for 2011 for me

Had an hour at Knottwood,just one Chestnut on a juncus stem,its a start !!

Saturday evening..cancelled now sunday if weather is any better

I am meeting Brian at the shepard rest just up from Mankinholes at 4.45,going up to Langfield common looking for larvae .bring a torch....Anyone need a lift leave a message below Im passing through Halifax ,Hebden and luddenden......

Interesting article rom birdguides

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

It's warmed up!

Got moth trap out tonight, optimism eh?

Friday, 7 January 2011

Provisional atlas of the Larger moths of the UK.

Hot off the Press – Provisional Atlas

The Provisional Atlas of the UK’s Larger Moths is available NOW! This long awaited publication is the first of its kind for almost 30 years. Up-to-date distribution maps for over 850 macro-moth species have been generated from the National Moth Recording Scheme (NMRS) database. The maps show both historical (pre 2000) and current (2000 onwards) records.

A huge amount of effort from County Moth Recorders, Record Collators and the Moths Count team has been undertaken to produce the atlas, which runs to 455 pages! Without the support of the network of County Moth Recorders, moth recorders on the ground and our financial and in-kind supporters this milestone could not have been reached. Many thanks to everyone involved.

The atlas is the culmination of four and a half years of the Moths Count project and NMRS but only the first step towards helping our declining moth fauna. We are already working on analyses of the data, taking account of the changing recording effort over time. You can help as well. The Provisional Atlas maps indicate under-recorded areas and species that you could target this year. Targeted recording improves our knowledge of moths and ultimately their conservation.

The recommended retail price of the Provisional Atlas is £20 (plus P&P). However, because of your interest in Moths Count and support for the NMRS, we are offering it to you at a discount rate of just £12.50 (plus £5.00 P&P). All proceeds will be used to support ongoing moth recording. To get your copy please complete the order form at the back of this issue of E-moth. Alternatively you can order your copy online by clicking this link


I have a few copies of the Entomologists Bulletin and some other bits and pieces surplus to requirements. Happy to post these on to anyone who wants them otherwise its the recycling centre.

Happy New Year to you poor sods back in cold wet Calderdale ;-))

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Withens Clough

Hi All

Does anyone fancy a chilli night round a moth trap. I recon on one of the milder nights if we can pick one we may have some success despite it being the 'closed season'

This cant happen at Withens Clough however as the car park is closed till the autumn due to civil engineering works.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Last Moth of the year

with this milder weather I've been keeping an eye out for Moths and saw nine within 100 yards of the trap last night and hey presto managed to catch this Mottled Umber, a good finish to a good year, now to start this year.....


Hope you all had a great new year and lets hope 2011 is as good as last year in Calderdale for moths and butterflies.Martyn reports moths around his trap[ last night....cheers all.............