Sunday, 30 April 2017

Lee Mount

Still cold and not a lot doing the last week or so other than 2 Common Quakers last night (29th) along with what I think could be a Bee Moth - but I'm not sure ?  and a Small Phoenix on 28th April.
 Bee Moth ? corrected to Oak Nycteoline

Small Phoenix (I think) could this one be f insulata ?

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Hardcastle Crags 21st April 2017

Further to Andys Counts Below

Weather :  Still occ Breeze Warm 11 -14 0 becoming cool
Trap : Robinson MV 120
Std 18-58 Canon Kit Lens
Three AC BL CD Attended  .

Other entomology  Nicrophorus humator , Cranefly Tipula

A slow steady start lend to a flurry between 10:30 and 11:30. In the main Common Qauker was by far most numerous with a steady input . The Early Tooth Stripe also appeared evident in number.
The Red Green Carpet likely over wintered and emerged from hibernation . The Grey Birch was a fairly fresh specimen and relatively  infrequent to this location

70.103 BF1750  Water Carpet Lampropteryx suffumata


70.274 BF1951  Grey Birch Aethalura punctulata


73.250 BF2189  Twin-spotted Quaker Anorthoa munda



73.069 BF 2243 Early Grey Xylocampa areola

70.095  BF 1760 Red-green Carpet Chloroclysta siterata 


71.018 BF2006 Lesser Swallow Prominent Pheosia gnoma



see tthis link for Sallow versus Lessser Swallow

70.237 BF1917 Early Thorn Selenia dentaria




See this link for Mottled Grey versus Early Tooth Stripe

70.202 BF 1881 Early Tooth-striped Trichopteryx carpinata


Last Night in the Craggs

Common Quaker  x   55
Small Quaker      x  1
Hebrew Character   x 3
Clouded Drab x 2
Twin Spotted Quaker x 1
Early Thorn x 2
Lesser Swallow Prominent x 1
Early Tooth Striped  x 12
Grey Birch x 1
Early Grey x 2
Chestnut x 2
Brindled  Pug x 10
Common Pug x 1
Double Striped Pug x 1
Water Carpet x 1
Red Green Carpet x 1
Mottled Grey x 1
Eriocrania subpurpurella x 10

Thursday, 20 April 2017

fRIDAY 21ST Mothing at Craggs

Running trap in the craggs tomorrow night 21st at 9.00 onwards...

Lee Mount

Fairly quiet this last week or so with just a smattering of Common Quakers and  Hebrew Characters.
Last night fared better
Clouded Drab x 1
Brindled Pug x 2
Hebrew Character x 2
Common Quaker x 1
Early Grey x 1
and the surprise this morning was a V-Pug on the fence next to the light
Also 2 of these below turned up - think,  by the purple spots, they must be Eriocrania subpurpurella. ?

Still hoping for the weather to warm up a bit !

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lee Mount

First Red Admiral today was very nice.
Not much doing on the moth front, just a few Common Quaker, and an Early Grey at the end of last week along with a Hebrew Character.

And on the following day 19th my first Speckled Wood in the garden.

Friday, 14 April 2017

ABH 40.008 BF 892 Garden Cosmet Mompha subbistrigella

ABH  40.008 BF 892   Garden Cosmet  Mompha subbistrigella

Taken with the bog standard kit lens in poor light so image quality not good. The length was about 7 - 9 mm so very small All of the features of Mompha sp , the best fit likely being subbistrigella 





see LINK scroll down half way & LINK 

Ghosts and Burnets

Came across these three bits of film by me and film by  Steve Cummings a few years ago. Well done Steve they still look great...links below

Dancing in the moonlight

Dance of the Ghost Moth

Cromwell Burnett moths 2010

Thursday, 13 April 2017

More Butterflys

A walk round Cromwell Bottom produced my first Orange Tip , Green veined White and Speckled Wood....

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Next Moth Night

Will be running the trap at Hardcastle Craggs on the 21st April at 8.00.Weather permitting.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Small White

First Small White today along with Peacock and Small Tortosieshell

Another Early Grey

I have another Early Grey this morning by the door. The markings show it to be a different one to the one I saw a few days ago. The moth was in a more accessible place, I got much better photos this time.

There was one Small Tortoiseshell butterfly in the garden as well.

Early Grey - Xylocampa areola

Detail 1

Detail 2

As I was looking at the photos, I saw that the scales are wider at the outside edge and also have small protrusions. I've noticed it before but never really thought about it. I did a little research on moth scales. I suspect they are tapered to help them form a dense heat keeping layer, as they will be packed closer together nearer the body. The ragged edges are I assume, to help with
aerodynamics. This is conjecture on my part, if anyone knows more about this, I'd love to hear it.

I found a nice photo of moth scales on Wikipedia in the public domain. I thought I should put it on here out of general interest. I should mention that I added the text to help make the image more understandable. The photo and the URL are below.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

5th April 2017 Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi

Briefly Ran MV120 . Has been breezy over the past few days and still chilly in the evening with open sky . Moon 3/4 . One or two fleeting visitors not making the trap . Looked like Common Plume and more Common Quakers.

ABH 73.244 BF2187   Common Quaker Orthosia cerasi   x2  (18 -55 standard lens)




Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Angle Shades Caterpillar - Phlogophora meticulosa

I opened the front door this morning and found a handsome Angle Shades caterpillar - Phlogophora meticulosa on the path. At least I'm fairly sure it is. I've only seen the dark brown variety in our garden before. As I've mentioned before, I have restricted mobility at the moment, I was unable to bend down, or lay on the path. I had to sit on a buffet and take shots from there. They are all a bit soft focus sorry.

It seemed to be eating the dead leaves. I didn't want to disturb it by removing them and watch it curl up. I could have waited until it uncurled, but wasn't really full awake at the time, so that was an after thought. *sigh*

Angle Shades Caterpillar - 
Phlogophora meticulosa

Showing Claspers 

Showing Head

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Lee Mount - 3rd April

Another decent evening with 18 moths which included these below - a Satellite and a Double-striped Pug ?
 Double-striped Pug
 (I think - very small compared with the Brindled Pugs recently)


A few Commas about see Colins post below and one at Cromwell Bottom , A Brimstone also at Cromwell an annual sight these days down there . Peacock and Small Tortoiseshell in Northowram today .A Holly Blue was seen on Kell lane by good friend of the blogg  Pete Smith(thanks Pete).

Twenty-plume Moth and Early Grey

After not seeing any moths for a long time, just after midnight last night, Anne spotted a moth outside our door. I had to use the zoom lens on my FZ72, as I'm not able to climb ladders yet. The shot isn't great, I had to crop it a lot to get it, but it's OK. It was an Early Grey, and a first for me, I'm very pleased. They seem to be the flavour of the month just now looking at the posts in this blog.

Then I saw a Twenty Plume on the inside of the door, I got a reasonable macro shot. It's only the second time I've seen one I think they are so lovely.

In the bathroom I found an White Shouldered House Moth - Endrosis sarcitrella. By the time I'd got the camera, it had hidden somewhere, I didn't find it. Three moths! I suppose the warmer weather is bringing them out.

Twenty-plume -
 Alucita hexadactyla

Xylocampa areola - Early Grey

I'm looking forward to seeing more new-to-me moths this year.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Early grey

Tried the actinic last night and had 2 Early greys and 2 Hebrew Characters

Comma on the Line

Took of on the Bradford side of RH Beck and landed on the other side in Calderdale !!

Lee Mount - 2nd April

3 micros among the other usual suspects
 Could this be Eriocrania subpurpurella
pretty small c 6mm - can just see some purple spots with difficulty
 Common Plume
Not sure about this one c12mm - seem to be a few possibilities ?