Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Help with i d !

Struggling with these - AND the photography at night on glass! So apologies for the quality as well.
 I think this is a Vapourer ??

Struggling with this one ??

7th September at Cromwell Bottom

Running trap at CB on 7th meet at 8..................

White letter hairstreak

Found by Sean Johnson at Heath Royd Halifax on his bird bath    .......,,,Great find

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Two Cats for id?

Hi all, can anyone help with these two distinctive cats?

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Spider id please?

Hi all can anyone id this spider for me?

Back at soil hill

There were fewer clouds today than on Tuesday and this was reflected in the fact that I recorded 3 dragonfly species, not just 2...
-Common Hawker
-Black Darter
There were also dragonflies on other pools today, not just the biggest pool in the middle of the track:
-At least 4, possibly 5, Common Hawkers, including 1 female which was ovipositing
-2 male Black Darters, though they had moved pools
-2 male Common Darters also

-Meadow Brown
-Large White
-Small White
-Small Tortoiseshell
-Small Copper

Small Copper

Had a site meeting at Beechwood Park LNR, north Halifax this morning. One highlight was a small copper feeding happliy of the plethora of thistles near the top end of the site.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Soil Hill

Went for a quick walk up to soil hill this afternoon. I was surprised to find that the largest pond on the main track was occupied by dragonflies, the first time I have known of them on the hill. There were:
2 male black darters
1 male common hawker
all the dragonflies looked in good condition.

There were also a few butterflies:
Small Copper
Meadow Brown
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Large White
Green Veined White

Monday, 19 August 2013

Dragonfly and Darter

This immature female Southern Hawker was on the ground motionless. It was barely alive and didn't survive unfortunately.

Also seen yesterday on same hillside at Sunnybank Todmorden this male Common Darter, although not a regular sighting with us.

Also saw a female Purple Hairstreak low down on an Oak but not able to photo.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Moth Night @ Riddlesden, near Keighley

Here is the list from Moth night last week in our garden adjacent to East Riddlesden Hall.
I'm a beginner at Moffin so please forgive any mistaken ID. My method is to take a photograph of every moth captured and then ID it via the Waring guides and confirm any I'm struggling with UK moths website. Last week I took 160 images some with multiple moths caught in or around my new Skinner MV trap.

Here is the list as I have identified them, if there is owt that raises the eye-brows please let me know and I can send you or post an image;

Large Yellow Underwing 75
Willow Beauty 6
Brimstone Moth 5
Common Rustic Ag. 16
Bird Cherry Ermine 28
Willow Ermine 1
Common Carpet 2
Early Thorn 1
Clouded Border 1
Lesser B-bordered Yellow Underwing 15
Lesser Yellow Underwing 1
Dark Arches 3
White-shouldered House-moth 1
July Highflyer 2
Acleris forsskaleana 4
Argyresthia semitestacella 1
Burnished Brass 1
Dun-bar 21
Eudonia lacustrata 1
Eudonia Truncicolella 1
Flame Carpet 1
Mother of Pearl 6
Phoenix 4
Scalloped Oak 3
Small Fan-footed Wave 1
Small Phoenix 1
Spindle Ermine 1

Monday, 12 August 2013

Painted Lady ,,23rd species this year

Nick D reports Painted Lady at Pellon today.......

Grey Chi.

I found this today at Norland (Rishworth) golf course resting openly on a dry stone wall - a new one for me. Looked in pristine condition so may have just emerged.

Moth for confirmation

This moth was in the kitchen and I think it is a Silver Y Autographa gamma. Can you confirm that my Readers Digest field guide to Butterflies has not lead me astray?

Saturday, 10 August 2013

NMNight at Cromwell Bottom 2013.......Great night.

15 Hepialus sylvina Orange Swift 1
424 Yponomeuta evonymella Bird-cherry Ermine 8
460 Ypsolopha parenthesella 2
701 Agonopterix ocellana 1
1348 Parapoynx stratiotata Ringed China-mark 1
1388 Udea lutealis 3
1390 Udea prunalis 2
1405 Pleuroptya ruralis Mother of Pearl 17
1546 Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone 2
1702 Idaea biselata Small Fan-footed Wave 12
1713 Idaea aversata Riband Wave 8
1715 Idaea straminata Plain Wave 3
1725 Xanthorhoe ferrugata Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet 6
1732 Scotopteryx chenopodiata Shaded Broad-bar 4
1738 Epirrhoe alternata Common Carpet 2
1756 Eulithis populata Northern Spinach 1
1758 Eulithis pyraliata Barred Straw 1
1759 Ecliptopera silaceata Small Phoenix 4
1777 Hydriomena furcata July Highflyer 10
1809 Perizoma didymata Twin-spot Carpet 2
1811 Eupithecia tenuiata Slender Pug 6
1858 Chloroclystis v-ata V-Pug 2
1862 Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug 1
1887 Lomaspilis marginata Clouded Border 22
1913 Ennomos alniaria Canary-shouldered Thorn 1
1917 Selenia dentaria Early Thorn 3
1937 Peribatodes rhomboidaria Willow Beauty 2
1955 Cabera pusaria Common White Wave 5
1956 Cabera exanthemata Common Wave 4
1997 Furcula furcula Sallow Kitten 1
2000 Notodonta dromedarius Iron Prominent 2
2003 Notodonta ziczac Pebble Prominent 1
2049 Eilema depressa Buff Footman 5
2050 Eilema lurideola Common Footman 1
2107 Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing 15
2109 Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing 2
2111 Noctua janthe Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 5
2112 Noctua interjecta Least Yellow Underwing 1
2122 Diarsia brunnea Purple Clay 2
2123 Diarsia rubi Small Square-spot 2
2130 Xestia baja Dotted Clay 4
2134 Xestia xanthographa Square-spot Rustic 2
2176 Cerapteryx graminis Antler Moth 3
2197 Mythimna straminea Southern Wainscot 6
2198 Mythimna impura Smoky Wainscot 1
2300 Mormo maura Old Lady 1
2313 Enargia paleacea Angle-striped Sallow 2
2318 Cosmia trapezina Dun-bar 20
2321 Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches 7
2343x Mesapamea secalis agg. Common Rustic agg. 4
2381x Hoplodrina alsines/blanda Uncertain/Rustic ag. 2
2391 Chilodes maritimus Silky Wainscot 28
2441 Autographa gamma Silver Y 5
2477 Hypena proboscidalis Snout 8

Friday, 9 August 2013

Message from .....ButterFly Consevation

We need your help! We are so close to making 2013 the BIGGEST ‪#‎ButterflyCount‬ ever! We have had 29968 counts completed so far, but can we break 32K and set a record? Please keep counting those butterflies until the 11th! Download the free app or free ID chart and get out for the count!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The return of the Small Tortoiseshell

With a count of over  1,200 around Cold Edge Dams (thanks Pete Smith and Dave Sutcliffe )  today and at least 200 + number around Northowram last week it looks like its fortunes have changed this year at least., if any one else has any counts of over 50 +  I would like to hear from them,, a number and where they were seen will be fine. Areas of creeping thistle or budlia are good areas to cheque..................Also today at least, 85 Small whites, 45+ Peacocks , 16 Comma , 6 Small Copper  in and  around Northowram.........

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

White Letter Hairstreak

First time I've seen this species at Sunnybank, Todmorden. There were 2 of them feeding on Veronicastrum for most of the day.

  White Letter Hairstreak

This moth was also feeding on the same plant; If anyone can supply a name?

Dingy Footman

I think this may be a Dingy Footman (I had two like this last night). After seeing quiet a few in Norfolk around lights I've been checking all my Footmans this last week.


Saw my first caterpiller of the year yesterday. One single caterpiller on one isolated Ragwort plant in Mythomroyd.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

First Real attempt as we wait for the trap to arrive

Hope you don't mind these being just out of area in Littleborough, all picked off a Buddleia using pots and a head torch. Also present and id'd on the plant Silver Y, Dark Arches and Large Yellow Underwing.

Dark Brocade?


Purple Clay

Marbled Beauty?

Six Striped Rustic

July Highflyer

Gold Spot but is it a Lempke's

Mottled Beauty?

Slender Brindle

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Plenty More Buterflies today

Comma                             7
Red admiral                      1
Purple Hairstreak              3
Holly Blue                        1
Small Tortoiseshell         47
Peacock                            6
Small white                    27
Green veined white         4
large white                      2
Meadow  Brown             30
Gatekeeper                        2
Ringlet                              4

Friday, 2 August 2013

More Butterflies today..

Small tortoiseshell         67
Peacock                          16
Small White                   42
Large White                     8
Meadow brown              26
Green veined White         5
Comma                            7
Gatekeeper                     10
Ringlet                             4(looking faded now)
Small Copper                   2
Speckled Wood                1
Large Skipper                   1
A spectacular  year........................My 21st species for this year Small Copper..

National Moth week

All being well with the weather,,,,etc I will be running a trap or two at Cromwell Bottom on the 9th August to celebrate National Moth Night.......usual spot by the lagoon.........all welcome...would be nice to see you all
..If not make sure you have your traps on at home and record your data and add it to the national count   ...follow link above...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Northowram today

Small Tortoideshell      142
Small Skipper               1
Comma                          6
Peacock                         8
Red Admiral                  1(first of the year here)
Ringlet                           3
Gatekeeper                    2
Purple hairstreak           1
Meadow Brown           23
Small white                 34
Large White                  8
Must be one of the best days/years here that I can remember............. Red  Admiral is new for the year, which is my 20th species in Calderdale this year,Wall Brown, Small Heath, Holly Blue Common Blue, Large Skipper, GV White, Orange tip, Speckled Wood and Green hairstreak have been  seen elsewhere in Calderdale........................Now where are  Painted lady or Clouded Yellow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(always miss Brimstone : ))