Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Late start............

Finally dusted the trap down and stuck it on,1 Twin spotted,1 Small 3 Common Quaker,2 Early Grey.2 Hebrew Character,2 Clouded Drab and a Brown house moth...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Diplodoma laichartingella update 18 04 13

This Diplodoma laichartingella Larva came out of its Torpid State as the Temperatures increased.Seemed to feed on Dead Bark and as here on this Common Tree growing Moss Species ? Bri. Checked Callis Wood yesterday afternoon 26 04 13 ,really Chilly with that wind,struggled to find 1 Larval Case, must have checked most of the Beeches .Bri. Found 2 Active Larval Cases on Old Oak and 1 old case on Beech at Heights Wood on 01 05 13. Retained Larva stopped feeding on 01 05 13 and suspended itself from Anal Tip of Case by Silken Thread,Hopefully in readiness to Pupation !

Thursday, 11 April 2013

First moths for ages

Had Hebrew character ,Small Quaker and White Shouldered House moth last night around the house, Tonight  Im gonna put the trap on......

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bracket Fungi.

I was making the most of the warm weather this morning in North Dean when I came across a group of Birch Polypore fungi. No, I haven’t posted on the wrong blog for on the underside, where the pores are, were three frass filled holes which may or may not be lepidopterous, hopefully time will tell. If they are I’m assuming it will be one of the Tineids, possibly Cork Moth but maybe something a little less commonly recorded such as Nemapogon clematella. I think it will be worthwhile looking out for more in the next few weeks as I suspect they may be quite common – I only found four brackets today (on Silver Birch) two of which contained holes. It may be worth checking other bracket species as well. Happy hunting!